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Genso Suikoden Tierkreis Original Soundtrack

Release DateDec 18, 2008
ComposersNorikazu Miura, Tomoaki Hirono, Kazuma Jinnouchi, Yoshino Aoki, Kaori Komuro, Junpei Fujita, Hitoshi Fujima, Daisuke Kikuta, Masato Nakayama, Masaharu Iwata
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byKonami Digital Entertainment
PlatformsNintendo DS
ProductsSuikoden Tierkreis


01The Plain and the Sky ~Citro Plain BGM~4:08
02Frontier Hamlet ~Citro Village BGM~3:07
03Pulsation of the Forest ~Eastern Hill, Flesaria Forest BGM~3:30
04Rushing into Battle! ~Battle BGM~2:46
05Victory Pose! ~Battle Victory BGM~0:44
06The Earth’s Disaster ~World Fusion Theme~1:03
07A Powerful Enemy Appears! ~Area Boss Battle BGM~2:50
08Wandering Caravan ~Theme of the Rumblers~3:15
09To the World! ~World Map BGM 1~2:52
10Mining Village ~Grayridge BGM~2:43
11Capital of the One Way ~Cynas BGM 1~1:24
12Towering Tower in the Capital ~Tower of the Way BGM~1:58
13Sally Beacon ~Unit Formation BGM~3:59
14By the Pride of the Sword ~Theme of the Blades of Night’s Veil~2:56
15The Fort Where the Stars Gather ~Headquarters BGM 1~3:01
16Door to One Million Worlds ~Theme of the Corridor~2:43
17Guidance of the Stream ~Mislato River BGM~3:21
18Magedom Empire of Janam ~Imperial Capital El-Qaral BGM~4:02
19Intentions of the Imperial Family ~Theme of the Janam Imperial Family~3:09
20The Princess of Sorcery ~Manaril’s Theme~3:18
21Maw Entrance of the Southern Sea ~Salsabil BGM~2:49
22Village in the Mountains ~Tehah Village BGM~3:33
23To the Snowy Mountain ~Ch’olui Mountains BGM~3:50
24Home of the Porpos ~Naineneis BGM~3:14
25The People of the Sea ~Theme of the Porpos-kin~3:00

Disc length 73:15

01The Great Plains Appear ~World Map BGM 2~3:04
02Castle of Shining Dying Wishes ~Headquarters BGM 2~3:18
03One Who Watches Over the Stars ~Zenoa’s Theme~3:14
04Overlapping Ravines ~Gineh Valley BGM~2:01
05Village of the Proud Beast God ~Cragbark BGM~3:14
06Warriors of the Great Plains ~Theme of the Furious Roar~2:45
07Buried Imperial Capital ~El-Qaral Site BGM~2:53
08City in the End of the Desert ~Salsabil BGM 2~3:23
09Northern Hill ~Wilds of Veile BGM~2:39
10Castle of Pharamond ~Pharamond Castle BGM~3:23
11Nation of Pharamond ~Pharamond Town BGM~2:40
12Between One Million Worlds ~Another Space BGM~2:29
13Woodland Colony ~Scribe Village BGM~3:19
14Woodland Nation ~Theme of the Scribe~3:18
15Scorching Hot Mountain ~Mount Svatgol BGM~2:34
16Village of the Giants ~Lugenik BGM~3:19
17At the End of Sorrow ~Theme of Sorrow~1:48
18Appearance of the Lost Civilization ~World Map BGM 3~3:28
19Mysterious Ruins ~Ruins Dungeon BGM~3:34
20The 12th Significator ~World Map BGM 4~3:18
21To the Fulfilment of the One Way ~Cynas BGM 2~2:19
22Tierkreis ~Door of Hope~3:53
23Their Futures ~The 108 Stars Afterwards BGM~5:15

Disc length 71:08

01Beginning Theme ~Name Input Screen BGM~2:30
02Peaceful Citro ~Yadima’s Farm BGM~3:00
03Trades and Traders ~Trade Theme~2:44
04The Matchmaker Moana ~Quest Theme~2:48
05Quest Success ~Quest Achievement BGM~0:50
06Quest Failure ~Quest Failure BGM~0:46
07Strategy Conference ~Strategy Conference BGM~2:37
08Marsinah Plains ~Field Map BGM~3:12
09Clash of the Roar Tribe! ~Furious Roar Battle BGM~2:53
10Memories of a Friend from Another World ~Cougar’s Memories BGM~3:32
11Bitter Memory ~The Past of the Tribe BGM~2:38
12Oasis in the Desert ~Janam Desert Oasis BGM~3:42
13Sword Princess ~Chrodechild’s Theme~3:29
14The Suffering Sisters of the Night’s Veil ~Blades of Night’s Veil Theme of Sadness~2:39
15Twin Blades ~Sisters’ Duel Theme~3:54
16The Princess of Two Swords ~Astrasian Princess’ Theme~3:10
17Shrine Maiden of the Porpos ~Neira’s Theme~3:05
18Ninulneda Descends! ~Possessed Neira’s Theme~2:05
19The Wandering “Plucking Bow” Player ~Ramin’s Theme~2:50
20The Power of Pent Up Anger? ~Ramin Battle BGM~2:30
21Giant of a Proud Mountain ~Theme of the Rigid Folk~3:02
22Theme of the Giants’ Clash ~Rigid Folk Battle BGM~3:08
23Crumbled Town ~Crumbled Town BGM~2:53
24Crumbled Tower ~Crumbled Tower Dungeon BGM~3:59
25A King Called One ~The One King Statue BGM~2:31
26Believe in Tomorrow! ~Last Battle BGM~2:54

Disc length 73:21

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