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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Original Soundtrack

Release DateFeb 14, 2018
Composer(s)Steven McNair, Masahiro Aoki, Hideyuki Fukasawa, Keiki Kobayashi, Zac Zinger, Ryudai Abe, Riow Arai, Jonne Valtonen, Junya Nakano, Daniel Lindholm
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySuleputer
PlatformsPlayStation 4, PC, Arcade
ProductsStreet Fighter V


01Street Fighter V Arcade Edition -Opening-3:43
02Main Menu <Arcade Edition>3:42
03Character Select <Arcade Edition>2:53
04Versus <Arcade Edition>0:10
05Air Force Base -USA Stage-4:08
06High Roller Casino -Las Vegas Stage-4:33
07Kanzuki Beach -Malaysia Stage-4:06
08Kanzuki Beach Alternative -Malaysia Stage-3:39
09Ring of Destiny -Ring Stage-3:02
10Ring of Destiny Alternative -Ring Stage-3:56
11Spooky Arena -Russia Stage-4:48
12Spooky Arena Alternative -Russia Stage-3:59
13Skies of Honor -UAE Stage-4:07
14Skies of Honor Alternative -UAE Stage-3:32
15Temple of Ascension -Japan Stage-3:47
16Temple of Ascension Alternative -Japan Stage-4:06
17Frosty Boulevard -New York Stage-3:30
18Frosty Boulevard Alternative -New York Stage-3:25
19Temple Hideout -Thailand Stage-4:03
20Flamenco Tavern -Spain Stage-3:35
21Metro City Bay Area -USA Stage-3:04
22Metro City Bay Area Alternative -USA Stage-2:59

Disc length 78:47

01Ring of Pride -Ring Stage-4:35
02Ring of Pride Alternative -Ring Stage-4:24
03Suzaku Castle -Japan Stage-3:12
04English Manor -England Stage-3:01
05Kasugano Residence -Japan Stage-4:09
06Another Fight Is Coming Your Way! <Arcade Edition>0:08
07Theme of Alex4:28
08Theme of Guile4:12
09Theme of Ibuki3:42
10Theme of M. Bison4:36
11Theme of Juri4:51
12Theme of Urien3:29
13Theme of Gouki4:21
14Theme of Kolin4:48
15Theme of Ed4:53
16Theme of Abigail3:11
17Theme of Menat3:54
18Theme of Zeku3:54
19Theme of Sakura4:41
20Theme of Blanka4:13

Disc length 78:42

01Theme of Falke4:28
02Result <Arcade Edition>2:28
03Credit Title of Street Fighter V Arcade Edition5:23
04Street Fighter V Arcade Edition1:27
05Character Select for Street Fighter I3:53
06Versus for Street Fighter I0:08
07Result for Street Fighter I1:17
08Theme for Street Fighter I (Ending)2:56
09Continue for Street Fighter I0:50
10Gameover for Street Fighter I0:08
11Character Select for Street Fighter II0:59
12Versus for Street Fighter II0:09
13Result for Street Fighter II0:43
14Theme for Street Fighter II (Ending)1:44
15Continue for Street Fighter II0:32
16Gameover for Street Fighter II0:08
17Character Select for Street Fighter ZERO2:12
18Versus for Street Fighter ZERO0:11
19Result for Street Fighter ZERO1:20
20Theme for Street Fighter ZERO (Ending)2:08
21Continue for Street Fighter ZERO0:32
22Gameover for Street Fighter ZERO0:09
23Character Select for Street Fighter III1:47
24Versus for Street Fighter III0:10
25Result for Street Fighter III2:02
26Theme for Street Fighter III (Ending)3:25
27Continue for Street Fighter III0:51
28Gameover for Street Fighter III0:09
29Character Select for Street Fighter IV4:46
30Versus for Street Fighter IV0:09
31Result for Street Fighter IV2:02
32Versus -Boss- for Street Fighter IV0:11
33Theme for Street Fighter IV (Ending)4:34
34Continue for Street Fighter IV0:40
35Gameover for Street Fighter IV0:08
36Versus for Street Fighter V0:11
37Versus -Boss- for Street Fighter V0:11
38Continue for Street Fighter V0:34
39Gameover for Street Fighter V0:08
40Bonus Stage2:09

Disc length 57:52

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Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition Original Soundtrack / Game Music

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