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STREET FIGHTER III: 3rd Strike Original Soundtrack

Release DateJul 07, 1999
ComposerHideki Okugawa
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Published bySuleputer (distributed by SME Intermedia)
PlatformsArcade, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, Xbox, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
ProductsStreet Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight for the Future


01. Opening Demo
02. Player Select
03. Just Before The Battle
04. Chun-Li Stage -CHINA VOX-
05. Alex & Ken Stage -JAZZY NYC ’99-
06. Remy Stage -THE BEEP-
07. Makoto Stage -SPUNKY-
08. Ryu Stage -KOBU [Inspiration]-
09. Necro & Twelve Stage -SNOWLAND-
10. Sean & Oro Stage -THE LONGSHOREMAN-
11. Bonus Game 1
13. Ibuki Stage -TWILIGHT-
14. Gouki Stage -KILLING MOON-
15. Hugo Stage -THE CIRCUIT-
16. Yun & Yang Stage -CROWDED STREET [Third Edit]-
17. Dudley Stage -YOU BLOW MY MIND-
18. The Theme Of Q -Q-
19. Bonus Game 2
20. Urien Stage -CRAZY CHILI DOG-
21. Gill Appears!
22. Gill Stage -PSYCH OUT-
23. Stage Results
24. Stage Select & Score Ranking
25. Judgement
26. Now, Fight A New Rival!
27. Continue
28. We Await Your Return, Warrior! [Game Over]
29. Final Results
30. Ending 1
31. Ending 2
32. Staff Roll

01. Third Strike
02. Let’s Get It On
03. Moving On
04. Third Strike [rm1-short edit]

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