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SONIC ADVENTURE "Digi-LOG Conversation" Original Sound Track

Release DateJan 20, 1999
ComposersJun Senoue, Kenichi Tokoi, Masaru Setsumaru, Fumie Kumatani
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byMarvelous Entertainment (distributed by Pony Canyon)
PlatformsDreamcast, Nintendo GameCube, PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
ProductsSonic Adventure


01Introduction …featuring “Open Your Heart”1:48
02Welcome to Station Square3:14
03Event: Strain1:01
04Boss: CHAOS ver.0, 2, 42:23
05Azure Blue World …for Emerald Coast4:14
06Windy and Ripply …for Emerald Coast3:11
07BIG fishes at Emerald Coast…1:50
08and… Fish Hits!1:32
09Hey You! It’s Time to Speed Up!!!0:33
10Twinkle Cart …for Twinkle Park2:05
11Pleasure Castle …for Twinkle Park1:56
12Twinkle Circuit2:21
13Fakery Way …for Twinkle Park1:09
14Run Through the Speed Highway …for Speed Highway1:56
15Goin’ Down!? …for Speed Highway0:31
16At Dawn …for Speed Highway2:41
17Choose Your Buddy! -Slap Bass ver.-2:04
18Theme of “CHAO”2:28
19Letz Get This Party Started …for CHAO Race Entrance4:05
20Join Us 4 Happy Time …for CHAO Race2:29
21The Dreamy Stage …for Casinopolis2:15
22Blue Star …for Casinopolis1:36
23Dilapidated Way …for Casinopolis2:10
24Challange for Another Aim0:55
25Theme of “Dr.EGGMAN”2:30
26Egg Mobile …Boss: Egg Hornet2:03
27Mystic Ruin2:26
28Windy Hill …for Windy Valley1:42
29Tornado …for Windy Valley1:37
30The Air …for Windy Valley2:53
31Fight for My Own Way …Boss: Event2:08
32Snowy Mountain …for Icecap2:07
33Limestone Cave …for Icecap1:52
34Be Cool, Be Wild and Be Groovy …for Icecap2:25
35Invincible …No Fear!1:00
36Choose Your Buddy! -Finger Bass ver.-2:03

Disc length 75:13

01Mt. Red: a Symbol of Thrill …for Red Mountain1:47
02Red Hot Skull … for Red Mountain4:58
03Heartless Colleague …Boss: E-Series Targets1:25
04Sand Hill3:09
05Event: Sadness1:14
06Theme of “TIKAL”3:24
07Tricky Maze …for Lost World2:31
08Danger! Chased by Rock …for Lost World1:36
09Leading Lights …for Lost World1:49
10Event: The Past1:31
11Event: Fanfare for “Dr.EGGMAN”0:26
12Tornado Scramble …for Sky Chase1:34
13Funky Groove Makes U Hot!? …for Options1:46
14Egg Carrier – A Song That Keeps Us On The Move4:03
15ZERO The Chase-master …Boss: Eggman Robot -ZERO-1:58
16Skydeck A Go! Go! …for Sky Deck1:41
17General Offensive …for Sky Deck2:45
18Theme of “E-102γ”4:26
19Crazy Robo …Boss: E-101R2:33
20Bad Taste Aquarium …for Hot Shelter3:31
21Red Barrage Area …for Hot Shelter2:47
22Danger is Imminent1:13
23Sweet Punch …for Hedgehog Hammer1:04
24Militant Missionary …Boss: Egg Walker & Egg Viper1:17
25Mechanical Resonance …for Final Egg3:06
26Crank the Heat Up!! …for Final Egg3:01
27Boss: CHAOS ver.61:55
28Calm After the Storm …Egg Carrier -the ocean-2:08
29Event: Unbound1:13
30Perfect CHAOS Revival! …Boss: Perfect CHAOS1:44
31Event: Good-bye!1:19
32Will You Continue?0:35
33Open Your Heart -Main Theme of “SONIC Adventure”-4:29

Disc length 73:58

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