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Pokkén Tournament Original Soundtrack

Release DateJuly 16, 2015
ComposersHiroki Hashimoto
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Unofficial/Gamerip
Rip by: Dark
PlatformsArcade, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Switch
ProductsPokkén Tournament


01. World Map
02. Tutorial Mode
03. My Town
04. Ferrum League
05. Online Battle
06. Select Pokémon
07. Ferrum Stadium
08. Neos City
09. Old Ferrum Town
10. Tellur Town
11. Phos Volcano
12. Diggersby Land
13. Tellur Town (Autumn)
14. Ferrum Dojo
15. Power Training Gym
16. Old Ferrum Town (Winter)
17. Haunted House
18. Mystery Carnival
19. Neos City (Night)
20. Regi Ruins
21. Blue Dome
22. Magikarp Festival
23. Dragon’s Nest
24. Dark Colosseum
25. Dark Colosseum (Final)
26. Staff Roll
27. Battle Results
28. Battle Results: Win
29. Battle Results: Lose
30. Battle Results: Draw
31. Ferrum League: Ranking Battle Results
32. Ferrum League: Tournament Bracket
33. Ferrum League: Tournament Results
34. Congratulations
35. Synergy Burst
36. Synergy Burst (Final Battle)
37. Synergy Burst: Shadow Mewtwo
38. Synergy Burst: Shadow Mewtwo (Final Battle)
39. Event: A Friendly Chat
40. Event: Shadow Mewtwo’s Appearance
41. Event: The Truth About Shadow Mewtwo
42. Event: Reflecting on the Past
43. Event: Meeting the Elder
44. Event: Distant Lands
45. Event: Before the Final Battle
46. Event: Peace at Last


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