Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

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Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon: Super Music Collection

Release DateNov 30, 2016
ComposersJunichi Masuda, Go Ichinose, Minako Adachi, Hitomi Sato, Tomoaki Oga, Hideaki Kuroda, Morikazu Aoki
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byThe Pokémon Company
PlatformsNintendo 3DS
ProductsPokémon Sun and Moon


01Title Screen (feat. Masaya Watanabe, Lisa Ooki, Yuu Uchida, Naoto Fuga & Masayuki Okazaki)1:49
02An Adventure Is Beginning0:37
03Alola Region Theme (feat. Masaya Watanabe, Lisa Ooki, Yuu Uchida, Naoto Fuga & Masayuki Okazaki)2:46
05Waking Up0:18
06My Home1:30
07Professor Kukui’s Theme1:57
08Route 1 on Melemele Island2:02
09Iki Town (Day) [feat. Takahiro Morimoto]2:52
10Iki Town (Night) [feat. Takahiro Morimoto]3:24
11Mahalo Trail1:52
12On the Bridge…0:17
13A Tapu Appears!0:43
14Lillie’s Theme2:01
15Caught a Pokémon!0:08
16Obtained an Item!0:06
17Hau’s Theme2:00
18Battle! (Hau)2:04
19Obtained a Key Item!0:07
20Good Night0:06
21Battle! (Wild Pokémon)2:05
22Victory! (Wild Pokémon)0:37
23The Festival in Iki Town2:18
24Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Trainer)0:16
25Battle! (Trainer)2:55
26Victory! (Trainer)0:39
27Level Up!0:05
28The Pokémon Research Lab1:37
29The Pokémon Center1:34
31Have a Break at the Café1:58
32Received Poké Beans!0:05
33Festival Plaza (Day)2:08
34Festival Plaza (Night)1:56
35Level Up at Festival Plaza0:08
36A New Shop Is Open at Festival Plaza!0:06
37Fortune-Telling at Festival Plaza0:09
39A Mission at Festival Plaza1:15
40Festival Plaza Mission Results0:33
41Festival Plaza Mission Complete!0:06
42Festival Plaza Mission Failed…0:06
43Trainers’ School2:07
44Obtained a TM!0:08
45Hau’oli City (Day) [feat. Takahiro Morimoto & Kanoko Matsukawa]1:44
46Hau’oli City (Night)2:09
47Hurry Along0:42
48Poké Finder Updated!0:06
50Apparel Shop1:31
51Malasada Shop1:32
53Evolution (Alola)0:58
54Ferry Terminal1:40
55Route 2 on Melemele Island2:38
56Team Skull Appears! (feat. KYOtaro)2:21
57Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Team Skull) [feat. KYOtaro]0:17
58Battle! (Team Skull) [feat. KYOtaro]2:54
59Victory! (Team Skull)0:39
60Verdant Cavern—A Trial Site1:52
61A Captain’s Trial Begins!3:06
62A Totem Pokémon Appears!0:31
63Battle! (Totem Pokémon)2:49
64Victory! (Totem Pokémon)0:41
65Obtained a Z-Crystal!0:19
66Seaward Cave2:29
67Island Kahuna’s Theme1:47
68Battle! (Island Kahuna)3:43
69Victory! (Island Kahuna)0:47
70Registered a Ride Pokémon!0:07
71Ride Pokémon (Land)2:11
72Ten Carat Hill2:26
73On the Ship1:41
74Heahea City (Day)1:46
75Heahea City (Night)1:57
76Route 4 on Akala Island2:00
77Paniola Town (Day)1:29
78Paniola Town (Night)1:59
79Paniola Ranch2:21
80Gladion’s Theme2:29
81Battle! (Gladion)2:35
82Ride Pokémon (Aquatic)1:50
83Royal Avenue1:43
84Thrifty Megamart2:33
85Battle Royal Dome (feat. Hideaki Kuroda)2:04
86Battle! (Battle Royal)2:13
87Battle Royal Results0:57
88Kiawe’s Trial0:09
89Mallow’s Trial0:40
90Poké Pelago (Day)2:16
91Poké Pelago (Night)2:16
92Poké Pelago Renovations Complete!0:06
93Burnet’s Lab1:39
94Konikoni City (Day)1:59
95Konikoni City (Night)2:29
96Battle! (Team Skull Admin) [feat. KYOtaro]2:43
97Aether Paradise2:15
98An Encounter2:00
99Lusamine’s Theme1:59
100The Entrance to Another World0:26
101Ultra Beasts…?0:37
102Battle! (Ultra Beast)2:50
103Malie City (Day)2:12
104Malie City (Night)3:02
105Route 10 on Ula’ula Island2:24
106Guzma’s Theme (feat. KYOtaro)1:52
107Battle! (Team Skull Boss) [feat. KYOtaro]2:48
108Aether House2:15
109Acerola’s Trial2:33
110Haina Desert2:33
111Po Town2:39
112Found a Z-Crystal!0:07
113Nanu’s Theme2:29
115The Secret Side of Aether Paradise2:34
116Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Aether Foundation)0:31
117Battle! (Aether Foundation)2:35
118Aether Paradise Labs1:13
119Unsettling Atmosphere1:36
120There’s Trouble!1:47
121A Crisis in Alola1:03
122Battle! (Lusamine)3:11
123Lillie’s Resolve0:20
124Lively Lillie!1:53
125Poké Finder Fully Updated!0:07
126Seafolk Village (Day)2:09
127Seafolk Village (Night)2:32
128Ancient Poni Path2:17
129The Protector of the Island1:37
130Vast Poni Canyon2:35
131To the Altar…1:29
132Solgaleo / Lunala Appears!1:54
133Let’s Go to Ultra Space!0:19
134Ultra Space3:16
135Lusamine’s Madness1:16
136Steely Lillie!1:37
137Lusamine’s Revenge0:16
138Showdown! (Lusamine)2:57
139Victory! (Aether Foundation)0:33
140A World Falls Apart0:56
141Mother and Daughter0:47
142Battle! (Solgaleo / Lunala)3:18
143Lonely Lillie2:51
144The Battle Tree2:48
145Blue’s Theme1:31
146Battle! (Battle Tree Boss)2:53
147The Path to the League2:20
148The Summit of Mount Lanakila1:35
149The Pokémon League1:30
150Battle! (Elite Four)2:06
151The Battle at the Summit!3:46
152A Champion Is Born!1:40
153Hall of Fame1:37
154Battle! (Tapu)2:56
155Gester’s Lesson0:06
156The Zygarde Cube0:06
158Welcome Back1:20
159Staff Credits (feat. Hideaki Kuroda)5:32
160The End (feat. Hideaki Kuroda)1:11
161Special Demo Version Movie0:34
162Logo (Pokémon Sun)0:06
163Logo (Pokémon Moon)0:07
164Title Screen: Z-Ring Synchronized Version (feat. Masaya Watanabe, LISA OOKI, Yuu Uchida, Naoto Fuga & Masayuki Okazaki)1:49
165Alola Region Theme: Z-Ring Synchronized Version (feat. Masaya Watanabe, LISA OOKI, Yuu Uchida, Naoto Fuga & Masayuki Okazaki)2:47
166The Pokémon Center: Z-Ring Synchronized Version1:33
167Battle! (Wild Pokémon): Z-Ring Synchronized Version2:21
168Battle! (Trainer): Z-Ring Synchronized Version3:07
169Battle! (Team Skull): Z-Ring Synchronized Version [feat. KYOtaro]3:01

Disc length 276:25

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