Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

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Pokémon Black & Pokémon White: Super Music Collection

Release DateOct 20, 2010
ComposersJunichi Masuda, Go Ichinose, Shota Kageyama, Hitomi Sato, Morikazu Aoki, Minako Adachi, Satoshi Nohara
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byPikachu Records / Media Factory
PlatformsNintendo DS
ProductsPokémon Black and White


01The Day I Was Crowned King0:47
02A New Adventure!0:14
04Now for the Adventure!0:22
05The First Day0:19
06Kanoko Town1:40
07Cheren/Bel Battle!1:39
08Taken Along 10:21
09Professor Araragi1:16
10Pokémon Research Lab1:40
11Received a Key Item!0:04
12Let’s Go Together!1:35
13Route 11:22
14Wild Pokémon Battle!2:03
15Victory over the Wild Pokémon!0:30
16Level Up!0:04
17Karakusa Town1:17
18Taken Along 20:52
19Pokémon Center1:13
21Pokédex Evaluation…Onwards!0:05
22Team Plasma’s Secret Maneuvers0:47
23Route 2 (Spring-Summer)1:32
24Live Caster0:05
25Eye Contact! Shorts Youngster0:18
26Trainer Battle!3:33
27Victory over the Trainer!0:32
28Eye Contact! Miniskirt0:35
29Obtained an Item!0:04
30Sanyou City1:11
31Pokédex Evaluation…Not Yet0:05
32Abandoned Lot of Dreams2:34
33Team Plasma Appears!1:23
34Team Plasma Battle!3:08
35Victory Over Team Plasma!1:06
37Congratulations on Evolving!0:06
38Eye Contact! Twins0:32
39Cheren’s Theme0:59
40Here Comes Trouble!0:54
41Shippou City3:13
42Pokédex Evaluation…Do Your Best!0:06
44Gym Leader Battle!2:52
45Victory is Right Before Your Eyes!1:41
46Victory over the Gym Leader!1:20
47Received a League Badge!0:07
48Obtained a Technical Machine!0:05
50Skyarrow Bridge1:21
51Hiun City1:50
52Eye Contact! Businessman0:29
53Route 4 (Spring)1:24
54Eye Contact! Backpacker0:21
55Raimon City1:59
56Bel’s Theme0:58
57Unwavering Emotions1:47
58One Captivated by Formulae0:44
59N Battle!2:16
60Crisis in Battle!0:42
62Champion Adeku1:08

Disc length 68:34

01Hodomoe Drawbridge3:57
02Hodomoe City1:31
03Refrigerated Container1:30
04Route 6 (Spring-Summer)1:22
05Eye Contact! Parasol Lady0:31
06Spotted! Scientist0:30
07Tourmaline Cave1:29
08Fukiyose City2:45
09Papa Araragi1:04
10Pokédex Evaluation…You’re On the Way0:05
11Forget a Move0:04
12Eye Contact! Psychicer0:42
13Sekka City1:46
14Ryuurasen Tower2:08
15Eye Contact! Team Plasma0:54
16Dragon Spiral Tower Top Floor0:49
17Route 4 (Summer)0:51
18Ancient Castle1:54
19Light Stone/Dark Stone0:05
20Cylinder Bridge1:26
21Shopping Mall R91:53
22Eye Contact! Skinhead0:54
23Souryuu City (Black)4:06
24Souryuu City (White)3:30
25Route 102:19
26Champion Road1:50
27Eye Contact! Elite Trainer0:35
28Pokémon League1:22
29Elite Four Battle!2:51
30Pokémon League Under Siege0:57
31Carrying out a Mission1:54
32N’s Castle1:47
33N, the Pokémon Child0:54
34N’s Dragon0:43
35Dragon Awakened0:47
36Zekrom/Reshiram Battle!4:29
37Decisive Battle with N!3:21
38G-Cis’s Designs0:41
39G-Cis Battle!4:34
41Ending -To Each Future-2:24

Disc length 70:25

01Handsome’s Theme1:06
02Route 2 (Fall-Winter)1:32
03Received a Pokémon Egg!0:05
04Cruiseferry SS Royal Isshu1:46
05Wi-Fi Connection1:25
06Global Terminal2:07
08Spin Trade0:43
09Pokédex Evaluation…Just a Little More!0:05
10Route 4 (Fall)0:51
11Gear Station2:28
12Battle Subway0:34
13Battle Subway Trainer Battle!3:33
14Recieved BP!0:06
15Musical Hall1:34
16Obtained Goods!0:04
17Dressing Up with Goods0:46
18The Curtain Rises on the Musical0:21
19Musical “Stardom!”1:11
20Musical “Stroll in the Woods”1:07
21Musical “Evening Party”1:05
22Musical “Impassioned Raimon”1:03
23Ferris Wheel for Two1:28
24Checking Your Chemistry!0:04
25Your Chemistry is the Best!0:06
26Your Chemistry is Getting There0:05
27Your Chemistry Doesn’t Measure Up?0:04
28Route 6 (Fall-Winter)1:22
29Legendary Pokémon Battle!3:21
30Kanawa Town2:23
31Wonder Bridge1:47
32Route 12 (Spring-Summer)1:58
33Spotted! Cyclist0:26
34Shift Factory0:58
35Poké Shifter: Choose Your Pokémon!0:39
36Poké Shifter: Catch Your Pokémon!0:59
37Eye Contact! Daisuki Club0:36
38Black City1:12
39White Forest1:34
40Game Sync1:14
41High Link1:54
42High Link Mission Start!0:07
43Someone’s High Link1:12
44Mission Success!0:07
45Mission Failed…0:06
46Eye Contact! Gentleman0:32
47Sazanami Town (Fall-Spring)2:25
48Sazanami Town (Summer)1:32
49Shirona’s Theme1:23
50Shirona Battle!2:47
51Lost Forest2:08
52Powerful Wild Pokémon Battle!2:04

Disc length 61:31

02Abyssal Ruins3:00
03Route 12 (Autumn/Winter)1:57
04Lacunosa Town1:56
05Village Bridge2:54
06Mystery Gift1:21
07Route 4 (Winter)0:51
08Challenging a Battle Competition1:00
09Team Rocket!?1:26
10Battle! (Kyurem)4:29
11Pokédex Evaluation… It’s Perfect!0:09
12Battle! (Champion)2:16
13Victory! (Champion)0:50
14Congratulations on Entering the Hall of Fame!0:58
15Summer in Lacunosa1:45
16A Lullaby for Trains4:33
17Final Battle! (N Remix)3:17
18Farewell (Refrain)3:16

Disc length 37:22

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