Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

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Pokémon Black 2 & Pokémon White 2: Super Music Collection

Release DateJul 25, 2012
ComposersGo Ichinose, Hitomi Sato, Teruo Taniguchi
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byThe Pokémon Company
PlatformsNintendo DS
ProductsPokémon Black 2 and White 2, Pokémon Emerald, Pokémon Platinum


02Title Screen1:53
03An Adventure is Beginning0:33
04Aspertia City2:45
05Bianca’s Theme1:03
06Route 19 (Spring/Summer)1:29
07Battle! (Wild Pokémon)2:03
08Floccesy Town1:33
09Floccesy Ranch1:09
10Rival’s Theme1:29
11Battle! (Rival)2:18
12Virbank City1:49
13Virbank City Gym (Performed by Koffing and the Toxics)1:18
14Team Plasma Returns1:31
15Pokéstar Studios1:46
16Filming Underway at Pokéstar Studios!3:28
17Pokéstar Studios: Battle1:20
18Pokéstar Studios: Glory1:09
19Pokéstar Studios: Defeat1:11
20Pokéstar Studios: Invasion0:37
21Pokéstar Studios: Success0:40
22Pokéstar Studios: Retreat0:55
23Pokéstar Studios: Wierd1:17
24Pokéstar Studios: Love0:58
25Pokéstar Studios: Sorrow0:49
26Pokéstar Studios: Horror1:20
27Pokéstar Studios: Purified1:19
28Pokéstar Studios: Fear1:22
29Pokéstar Studios: Humor0:43
30Pokéstar Studios: Despair1:20
31Pokéstar Studios: Shock0:51
32Immortalized in Pokéstar Studios!0:10
33Castelia Sewers1:19
34Castelia City Gym2:50
35Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Harlequin)0:39
36Funfest Mission Start!1:20
37Unity Tower1:18
38Colress’s Theme1:06
39Battle! (Trainer Battle)3:34
40Join Avenue1:32
41Join Avenue: Level Up 10:05
42Join Avenue: Level Up 20:07
43Join Avenue Meet and Greet!0:54
44Nimbasa City Gym: Runway0:41
45Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Beauty)0:43
46Nimbasa City Gym: Stage1:27
47Battle! (Gym Leader)2:53
48Victory Lies Before You!1:41

Disc length 65:00

01Driftveil Gym1:28
02Pokémon World Tournament (PWT)2:33
03The PWT0:55
04Battle! (Gym Leader—Kanto Verison)1:52
05Battle! (Champion—Kanto Verison)2:22
06Battle! (Gym Leader—Johto Verison)2:23
07Battle! (Champion—Johto Verison)2:01
08Battle! (Gym Leader—Hoenn Verison)2:30
09Battle! (Champion—Hoenn Verison)2:09
10Battle! (Gym Leader—Sinnoh Verison)2:56
11Battle! (Champion—Sinnoh Verison)2:47
12PWT Final Round!3:13
13Winning in the PWT!0:38
14PWT Victory!0:49
15Underground Ruins1:26
16Battle! (Regirock/Regice/Registeel)1:31
17Aboard the Plasma Frigate1:39
18Zinzolin’s Theme1:19
19Cheren’s Theme1:02
20Mistralton City Gym1:16
21Earned a Participation Prize Medal!0:06
22Medal Box: Medal Box Upgraded!0:05
23Lentimas Town1:41
24The Road to Reversal Mountain1:03
25Reversal Mountain (Pokémon Black)2:51
26Reversal Mountain (Pokémon White)1:59
27Strange House3:16
28Battle! (Legendary Pokémon—Sinnoh Version)1:49
29Opelucid City Gym1:43
30Opelucid City Gym Attacked!0:52
31The Frozen City2:02
32Trainers’ Eyes Meet (Team Plasma)0:52
33Battle! (Team Plasma)3:18
34Shadow Triad’s Theme0:57
35Marine Tube2:27
36Humilau City2:50
37Humilau City Gym1:47
38Route 22 (Spring/Summer)1:26
39Plasma Frigate Sortie0:36

Disc length 68:29

01Infiltrating the Plasma Frigate!2:01
02Battle! (Colress)3:49
07Battle! (Black Kyurem/White Kyurem)3:55
08Battle! (Ghetsis)2:30
09Route 232:19
10N’s Castle1:51
11N’s Room1:01
12N’s Theme1:04
13Battle! (N)2:19
14Unova Link0:36
15Xtransceiver Minigame!1:26
16Xtransceiver: Game Start!0:04
17Xtransceiver: Game Won!0:04
18Route 19 (Autumn/Winter)1:28
19Cave of Being2:00
20Battle! (Azelf/Mesprit/Uxie)3:26
21Black Tower: Entrance0:45
22Black Tower1:29
23White Treehollow: Entrance1:08
24White Treehollow1:57
25Tympole Choir0:06
26Route 22 (Autumn/Winter)1:26
27Pokédex Habitat List Complete!0:05
28Medal Rally Complete!0:06
29Battle! (Champion Iris)3:28
30Staff Credits5:20
31The End1:43
32Musical: Charming Munna0:51
33Musical: Pokémon Party!1:12
34Musical: Carnival Pokémon1:18
35Musical: Meloettaaa!!!1:01
36Pokémon World Championships Final2:40
37Relic Song0:40

Disc length 57:09

01Title Screen (Pokémon Emerald)1:41
02Match Call0:04
03Abnormal Weather1:18
04Rayquaza Appears!0:27
05Battle Frontier (Hoenn Verison)1:29
06Battle Tower (Hoenn Version)1:42
07Battle Factory (Hoenn Version)2:15
08Battle Arena1:28
09Battle Dome1:32
10Battle Pike1:55
11Battle Palace2:20
12Battle Pyramid2:30
13Battle Pyramid Summit0:48
14Recieved Battle Points! (Hoenn Version)0:06
15Battle! (Frontier Brain—Hoenn Version)3:09
16Battle Symbol Received!0:08
17Battle! (Mew)1:28
18Title Screen (Pokémon Platinum)1:45
19Press Start0:26
20Special Program: “Let’s Ask Prof. Rowan!”0:24
21Looker’s Theme1:06
22Global Terminal2:24
23Wi-Fi Plaza2:29
24Wi-Fi Plaza: Mini-Games0:50
25Cleared Wobbuffet Pop!0:06
26Wi-Fi Plaza: Parade1:45
27Giratina Appears!0:41
28Giratina Appears! Part 20:11
29Distortion World3:43
30Battle! (Giratina)3:54
31Spin Trade0:43
32Mystery Gift (Pokémon Platinum)0:49
33Super Contest: Cuteness1:06
34Super Contest: Coolness1:14
35Super Contest: Toughness1:10
36Super Contest: Beauty2:01
37Super Contest: Smartness1:15
38Villa Music Box: Twinleaf Tune0:39
39Villa Audio System: Bossa Nova Lilycove1:46
40Fight Area (Battle Frontier)2:06
41Battle Arcade2:43
42Recieved BP in the Battle Arcade!0:04
43Battle Hall2:36
44Battle Factory (Sinnoh Version)2:49
45Battle Castle2:05
46Received Castle Points!0:05
47Recieved Battle Points! (Sinnoh Version)0:06
48Battle! (Frontier Brain—Sinnoh Version)3:06
49Victory! (Frontier Brain—Sinnoh Version)0:26

Disc length 70:53

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