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Pikmin 2 Original Soundtrack (GAMERIP)

Release DateApril 29, 2004
ComposersHajime Wakai
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Unofficial/Gamerip
Rip by: slippyToad
PlatformsGameCubeWiiWii U
ProductsPikmin 2


01. Channel Intro (WII)
02. Pikmin Greet (GCN)
03. Pikmin Greet (WII)
04. Title Screen
05. Title Screen (Extended)
06. Game Demo (GCN)
07. Game Demo (WII)
08. Game Select
09. Options
10. Highscore
11. Opening Cinema (GCN)
12. Opening Cinema (WII)
13. The Crash Landing
14. Olimar Meets Pikmin Again
15. Explaining Whistling
16. Louie Awakens
17. Louie Finds the Red Onion
18. The First Pikmin Seeds
19. Valley of Repose (Day 1)
20. Find New Treasure
21. Explanation
22. Olimar and Louie Reunited
23. Valley of Repose (Olimar)
24. Valley of Repose (Louie)
25. Valley of Repose (Olimar, Working)
26. Valley of Repose (Louie, Working)
27. Valley of Repose (Olimar, Carrying)
28. Valley of Repose (Louie, Carrying)
29. Treasure Get
30. End of Day 1
31. End of Day (Normal)
32. Results of the Day
33. Select Location
34. Piklopedia
35. Start of Day 2
36. Valley of Repose (Olimar, Near Enemy)
37. Valley of Repose (Louie, Near Enemy)
38. Valley of Repose (Olimar, Battle)
39. Valley of Repose (Louie, Battle)
40. Valley of Repose (Olimar, Near Sundown)
41. Valley of Repose (Louie, Near Sundown)
42. Valley of Repose (Olimar, Near Sundown, Working)
43. Valley of Repose (Louie, Near Sundown, Working)
44. Valley of Repose (Olimar, Near Sundown, Carrying)
45. Valley of Repose (Louie, Near Sundown, Carrying)
46. Valley of Repose (Olimar, Near Sundown, Near Enemy)
47. Valley of Repose (Louie, Near Sundown, Near Enemy)
48. Valley of Repose (Olimar, Near Sundown, Battle)
49. Valley of Repose (Louie, Near Sundown, Battle)
50. Destroyed First Fence
51. Something Peculiar
52. Enter Cave
53. Enter Cave Floor
54. Entered Emergence Cave / Challenge Mode Introduction
55. Emergence Cave (Olimar)
56. Emergence Cave (Louie)
57. Emergence Cave (Olimar, Near Enemy)
58. Emergence Cave (Louie, Near Enemy)
59. Emergence Cave (Olimar, Battle)
60. Emergence Cave (Louie, Battle)
61. Emergence Cave (Olimar, Carrying)
62. Emergence Cave (Louie, Carrying)
63. Enter Next Cave Floor
64. Final Cave Floor
65. Cold Chasm (Olimar)
66. Cold Chasm (Louie)
67. Cold Chasm (Olimar, Near Enemy)
68. Cold Chasm (Louie, Near Enemy)
69. Cold Chasm (Olimar, Battle)
70. Cold Chasm (Louie, Battle)
71. Discover New Pikmin Colour
72. Cold Chasm (Olimar, Carrying)
73. Cold Chasm (Louie, Carrying)
74. Get Spherical Atlas Obtained, Get Five-man Napsack, Get Geographical Projection, Get First Spray
75. Exit Cave
76. Treasure Salvation Results
77. Returned on the Surface
78. Returned on the Surface (Extended)
79. End of Day (Great)
80. New World Unlocked
81. Land In New Area
82. Awakening Wood (Olimar)
83. Awakening Wood (Louie)
84. Awakening Wood (Olimar, Near Enemy)
85. Awakening Wood (Louie, Near Enemy)
86. Awakening Wood (Olimar, Battle)
87. Awakening Wood (Louie, Battle)
88. Awakening Wood (Olimar, Carrying)
89. Awakening Wood (Louie, Carrying)
90. X% Of Debt Paid
91. Ultra Spicy Pikmin
92. Awakening Woods (Olimar, Berry Flower)
93. Awakening Woods (Louie, Berry Flower)
94. Awakening Woods (Olimar, Working)
95. Awakening Woods (Louie, Working)
96. Pikmin Nectar
97. Hole of Beasts (Olimar)
98. Hole of Beasts (Louie)
99. Hole of Beasts (Olimar, Battle)
100. Hole of Beasts (Louie, Battle)
101. Hole of Beasts (Olimar, Carrying)
102. Hole of Beasts (Louie, Carrying)
103. Rest Area
104. Burnt Burrow (Olimar)
105. Burnt Burrow (Louie)
106. Burnt Burrow (Olimar, Carrying)
107. Burnt Burrow (Louie, Carrying)
108. Pikmin Are Suffering!
109. Hot House (Olimar)
110. Hot House (Louie)
111. Hot House (Olimar, Near Enemy)
112. Hot House (Louie, Near Enemy)
113. Hot House (Olimar, Battle)
114. Hot House (Louie, Battle)
115. Hot House (Olimar, Carrying)
116. Hot House (Louie, Carrying)
117. Boss Theme
118. Boss Theme (Boss About To Attack)
119. Boss Theme (Boss Attacking)
119. Boss Theme (No Intro)
120. Boss Defeated
121. Get Prototype Detector
122. Awakening Wood (Olimar, Near Sundown)
123. Awakening Wood (Louie, Near Sundown)
124. Awakening Wood (Olimar, Near Sundown, Near Enemy)
125. Awakening Wood (Louie, Near Sundown, Near Enemy)
126. Awakening Wood (Olimar, Near Sundown, Battle)
127. Awakening Wood (Louie, Near Sundown, Battle)
128. Awakening Wood (Olimar, Near Sundown, Working)
129. Awakening Wood (Louie, Near Sundown, Working)
130. Awakening Wood (Olimar, Near Sundown, Carrying)
131. Awakening Wood (Louie, Near Sundown, Carrying)
132. Awakening Wood (Olimar, Near Sundown, Berry Flower)
133. Awakening Wood (Louie, Near Sundown, Berry Flower)
134. Complex Cavern (Olimar)
135. Complex Cavern (Louie)
136. Complex Cavern (Olimar, Battle)
137. Complex Cavern (Louie, Battle)
138. Complex Cavern (Olimar, Carrying)
139. Complex Cavern (Louie, Carrying)
140. Graphite Gulch (Olimar)
141. Graphite Gulch (Louie)
142. Graphite Gulch (Olimar, Carrying)
143. Graphite Gulch (Louie, Carrying)
144. Graphite Gulch (Olimar, Near Enemy)
145. Graphite Gulch (Louie, Near Enemy)
146. Graphite Gulch (Olimar, Battle)
147. Graphite Gulch (Louie, Battle)
148. Rest Area (Working or Carrying)
149. Gassy Grotto (Olimar)
150. Gassy Grotto (Louie)
151. Gassy Grotto (Olimar, Working)
152. Gassy Grotto (Louie, Working)
153. Gassy Grotto (Olimar, Carrying)
154. Gassy Grotto (Louie, Carrying)
155. Boss Theme (Variation #1)
156. Boss Theme (Variation #2)
157. Boss Theme (Variation #3)
158. Boss Theme (Variation #4)
158. Boss Theme (Variation #5)
159. Perplexing Pool (Olimar)
160. Perplexing Pool (Louie)
161. Perplexing Pool (Olimar, Near Enemy)
162. Perplexing Pool (Louie, Near Enemy)
163. Perplexing Pool (Olimar, Battle)
164. Perplexing Pool (Louie, Battle)
165. Perplexing Pool (Olimar, Working)
166. Perplexing Pool (Louie, Working)
167. Perplexing Pool (Olimar, Carrying)
168. Perplexing Pool (Louie, Carrying)
169. Perplexing Pool (Olimar, Berry Flower)
170. Perplexing Pool (Louie, Berry Flower)
171. Citadel of Spiders (Olimar)
172. Citadel of Spiders (Louie)
173. Citadel of Spiders (Olimar, Battle)
174. Citadel of Spiders (Louie, Battle)
175. Citadel of Spiders (Olimar, Carrying)
176. Citadel of Spiders (Louie, Carrying)
177. Burnt Burrow (Olimar, Near Enemy)
178. Burnt Burrow (Louie, Near Enemy)
179. Burnt Burrow (Olimar, Battle)
180. Burnt Burrow (Louie, Battle)
181. Burnt Burrow (Olimar, Working)
182. Burnt Burrow (Louie, Working)
183. Dweevil’s Dugout (Olimar)
184. Dweevil’s Dugout (Louie)
185. Dweevil’s Dugout (Olimar, Near Enemy)
186. Dweevil’s Dugout (Louie, Near Enemy)
187. Dweevil’s Dugout (Olimar, Battle)
188. Dweevil’s Dugout (Louie, Battle)
189. Dweevil’s Dugout (Olimar, Working)
190. Dweevil’s Dugout (Louie, Working)
191. Dweevil’s Dugout (Olimar, Carrying)
192. Dweevil’s Dugout (Louie, Carrying)
193. Red Chasm (Olimar)
194. Red Chasm (Louie)
195. Red Chasm (Olimar, Near Enemy)
196. Red Chasm (Louie, Near Enemy)
197. Red Chasm (Olimar, Battle)
198. Red Chasm (Louie, Battle)
199. Red Chasm (Olimar, Working)
200. Red Chasm (Louie, Working)
201. Red Chasm (Olimar, Carrying)
202. Red Chasm (Louie, Carrying)
203. Get ‘the Key’
204. Perplexing Pool (Olimar, Near Sundown)
205. Perplexing Pool (Louie, Near Sundown)
206. Perplexing Pool (Olimar, Near Sundown, Near Enemy)
207. Perplexing Pool (Louie, Near Sundown, Near Enemy)
208. Perplexing Pool (Olimar, Near Sundown, Battle)
209. Perplexing Pool (Louie, Near Sundown, Battle)
210. Perplexing Pool (Olimar, Near Sundown, Working)
211. Perplexing Pool (Louie, Near Sundown, Working)
212. Perplexing Pool (Olimar, Near Sundown, Carrying)
213. Perplexing Pool (Louie, Near Sundown, Carrying)
214. Perplexing Pool (Olimar, Near Sundown, Berry Flower)
215. Perplexing Pool (Louie, Near Sundown, Berry Flower)
216. Blue Pikmin
217. Bulblax Kingdom (Olimar)
218. Bulblax Kingdom (Louie)
219. Bulblax Kingdom (Olimar, Near Enemy)
220. Bulblax Kingdom (Louie, Near Enemy)
221. Bulblax Kingdom (Olimar, Battle)
222. Bulblax Kingdom (Louie, Battle)
223. Bulblax Kingdom (Olimar, Carrying)
224. Bulblax Kingdom (Louie, Carrying)
225. Gassy Grotto (Olimar, Near Enemy)
226. Gassy Grotto (Louie, Near Enemy)
227. Gassy Grotto (Olimar, Battle)
228. Gassy Grotto (Louie, Battle)
229. Hole of Beasts (Olimar, Near Enemy)
230. Hole of Beasts (Louie, Near Enemy)
231. Bulblax Kingdom (Olimar, Working)
232. Bulblax Kingdom (Louie, Working)
233. 50% of Debt Paid
234. Snagret Hole (Olimar)
235. Snagret Hole (Louie)
236. Snagret Hole (Olimar, Near Enemy)
237. Snagret Hole (Louie, Near Enemy)
238. Snagret Hole (Olimar, Battle)
239. Snagret Hole (Louie, Battle)
240. Snagret Hole (Olimar, Carrying)
241. Snagret Hole (Louie, Carrying)
242. Green Yards (Olimar)
243. Green Yards (Louie)
244. Green Yards (Olimar, Near Enemy)
245. Green Yards (Louie, Near Enemy)
246. Green Yards (Olimar, Battle)
247. Green Yards (Louie, Battle)
248. Green Yards (Olimar, Carrying)
249. Green Yards (Louie, Carrying)
250. Snagret Hole (Olimar, Working)
251. Snagret Hole (Louie, Working)
252. Complex Cavern (Olimar, Near Enemy)
253. Complex Cavern (Louie, Near Enemy)
254. Subterranean Complex (Olimar)
255. Subterranean Complex (Louie)
256. Subterranean Complex (Olimar, Near Enemy)
257. Subterranean Complex (Louie, Near Enemy)
258. Subterranean Complex (Olimar, Battle)
259. Subterranean Complex (Louie, Battle)
260. Subterranean Complex (Olimar, Carrying)
261. Subterranean Complex (Louie, Carrying)
262. Cold Chasm (Olimar, Working)
263. Cold Chasm (Louie, Working)
264. Complex Cavern (Olimar, Working)
265. Complex Cavern (Louie, Working)
266. Frontier Cavern (Olimar)
267. Frontier Cavern (Louie)
268. Frontier Cavern (Olimar, Near Enemy)
269. Frontier Cavern (Louie, Near Enemy)
270. Frontier Cavern (Olimar, Battle)
271. Frontier Cavern (Louie, Battle)
272. Frontier Cavern (Olimar, Working)
273. Frontier Cavern (Louie, Working)
274. Frontier Cavern (Olimar, Carrying)
275. Frontier Cavern (Louie, Carrying)
276. Get Brute Knuckles
277. Hole of Beasts (Olimar, Working)
278. Hole of Beasts (Louie, Working)
279. Shower Room (Olimar)
280. Shower Room (Louie)
281. Shower Room (Olimar, Near Enemy)
282. Shower Room (Louie, Near Enemy)
283. Shower Room (Olimar, Battle)
284. Shower Room (Louie, Battle)
285. Shower Room (Olimar, Carrying)
286. Shower Room (Louie, Carrying)
287. Jellyfloat Pool (Olimar)
288. Jellyfloat Pool (Louie)
289. Jellyfloat Pool (Olimar, Near Enemy)
290. Jellyfloat Pool (Louie, Near Enemy)
291. Jellyfloat Pool (Olimar, Battle)
292. Jellyfloat Pool (Louie, Battle)
293. Jellyfloat Pool (Olimar, Carrying)
294. Jellyfloat Pool (Louie, Carrying)
295. Jellyfloat Pool (Olimar, Working)
296. Jellyfloat Pool (Louie, Working)
297. Shower Room (Olimar, Working)
298. Shower Room (Louie, Working)
299. Get Boss Treasure
300. Glutton’s Kitchen (Olimar)
301. Glutton’s Kitchen (Louie)
302. Glutton’s Kitchen (Olimar, Near Enemy)
303. Glutton’s Kitchen (Louie, Near Enemy)
304. Glutton’s Kitchen (Olimar, Battle)
305. Glutton’s Kitchen (Louie, Battle)
306. Glutton’s Kitchen (Olimar, Carrying)
307. Glutton’s Kitchen (Louie, Carrying)
308. Railroad Room (Olimar)
309. Railroad Room (Louie)
310. Railroad Room (Olimar, Near Enemy)
311. Railroad Room (Louie, Near Enemy)
312. Railroad Room (Olimar, Battle)
313. Railroad Room (Louie, Battle)
314. Railroad Room (Olimar, Carrying)
315. Railroad Room (Louie, Carrying)
316. Ramp Room (Olimar)
317. Ramp Room (Louie)
318. Ramp Room (Olimar, Near Enemy)
319. Ramp Room (Louie, Near Enemy)
320. Ramp Room (Olimar, Battle)
321. Ramp Room (Louie, Battle)
322. Ramp Room (Olimar, Carrying)
323. Ramp Room (Louie, Carrying)
324. Giant Breadbug (Olimar)
325. Giant Breadbug (Louie)
326. Giant Breadbug (Olimar, Near Enemy)
327. Giant Breadbug (Louie, Near Enemy)
328. Giant Breadbug (Olimar, Battle)
329. Giant Breadbug (Louie, Battle)
330. Giant Breadbug (Olimar, Carrying)
331. Giant Breadbug (Louie, Carrying)
332. Submerged Castle
333. Waterwraith Appearance
334. Waterwraith Attack
335. Waterwraith Pathetic Escape
336. Waterwraith Pathetic Escape (Variation)
337. 100% of Debt Recovered
338. Debt Repayment Cinema (GCN)
339. Debt Repayment Cinema (WII)
340. Credits (GCN)
341. Credits (WII)
342. Number of Pikmin Lost
343. Goal Completion Cinema (GCN)
344. Goal Completion Cinema (WII)
345. Wistful Wild (Olimar)
346. Wistful Wild (Louie)
347. Wistful Wild (Olimar, Near Enemy)
348. Wistful Wild (Louie, Near Enemy)
349. Wistful Wild (Olimar, Battle)
350. Wistful Wild (Louie, Battle)
351. Wistful Wild (Olimar, Working)
352. Wistful Wild (Louie, Working)
353. Wistful Wild (Olimar, Carrying)
354. Wistful Wild (Louie, Carrying)
355. Wistful Wild (Olimar, Berry Flower)
356. Wistful Wild (Louie, Berry Flower)
357. Wistful Wild (Olimar, Near Sundown)
358. Wistful Wild (Louie, Near Sundown)
359. Wistful Wild (Olimar, Near Sundown, Near Enemy)
360. Wistful Wild (Louie, Near Sundown, Near Enemy)
361. Wistful Wild (Olimar, Near Sundown, Battle)
362. Wistful Wild (Louie, Near Sundown, Battle)
363. Wistful Wild (Olimar, Near Sundown, Working)
364. Wistful Wild (Louie, Near Sundown, Working)
365. Wistful Wild (Olimar, Near Sundown, Carrying)
366. Wistful Wild (Louie, Near Sundown, Carrying)
367. Wistful Wild (Olimar, Near Sundown, Berry Flower)
368. Wistful Wild (Louie, Near Sundown, Berry Flower)
369. Mystic Marsh (Olimar)
370. Mystic Marsh (Louie)
371. Mystic Marsh (Olimar, Near Enemy)
372. Mystic Marsh (Louie, Near Enemy)
373. Mystic Marsh (Olimar, Battle)
374. Mystic Marsh (Louie, Battle)
375. Mystic Marsh (Olimar, Carrying)
376. Mystic Marsh (Louie, Carrying)
377. Mystic Marsh (Olimar, Working)
378. Mystic Marsh (Louie, Working)
379. Green Yards (Olimar, Working)
380. Green Yards (Louie, Working)
381. Citadel of Spiders (Olimar, Near Enemy)
382. Citadel of Spiders (Louie, Near Enemy)
383. Citadel of Spiders (Olimar, Working)
384. Citadel of Spiders (Louie, Working)
385. Titan Dweevil (4 Weapons)
386. Titan Dweevil (Boss About To Attack)
387. Titan Dweevil (Monster Pump Attack)
388. Titan Dweevil (Shock Therapist Attack)
389. Titan Dweevil (Flare Cannon Attack)
390. Titan Dweevil (Comedy Bomb Attack)
391. Titan Dweevil (3 Weapons)
392. Titan Dweevil (2 Weapons)
393. Titan Dweevil (1 Weapons)
394. Titan Dweevil (No Weapons)
395. Titan Dweevil (No Weapons, Boss Attack)
396. Titan Dweevil Defeated
397. Treasure Complete
398. Treasure Completion Cinema (GCN)
399. Treasure Completion Cinema (WII)
400. Treasure Complete Results
401. Player Down
402. End of Day (Bad)
403. Pikmin Extinction
404. End of Day (Pikmin Extinction)
405. 2-Player Mode Battle Menu
406. 2-Player Mode Loading
407. 2-Player Mode Battle Start
408. 2-Player Mode
409. 2-Player Mode (Olimar Carrying Cherry)
410. 2-Player Mode (Louie Carrying Cherry)
411. 2-Player Mode (Pikmin Attack Player)
412. 2-Player Mode (Olimar One Marble Left)
413. 2-Player Mode (Louie One Marble Left)
414. Olimar Wins
415. Olimar Wins (Alternate)
416. Louie Wins
417. Louie Wins (Alternate)
418. Marble Draw
419. Olimar Down
420. Louie Down
421. Players Down Draw
422. Olimar Pikmin Extinction
423. Louie Pikmin Extinction
424. Pikmin Extinction Draw
425. Challenge Mode Menu
426. Floor Intro (Challenge Mode)
427. Challenge Mode Start
428. Got Key
429. Got Key (Carrying)
430. Got Key (Working)
431. Got Key (Near Enemy)
432. Got Key (Battle)
433. Time Up
434. Captain Down (Challenge Mode)
435. Pikmin Exctinction (Challenge Mode)
436. Results (Challenge Mode)
437. Pink Flower Get
438. Hot House (Olimar, Working)
439. Hot House (Louie, Working)
440. Graphite Gulch (Olimar, Working)
441. Graphite Gulch (Louie, Working)
442. Secret Testing Range (Olimar)
443. Secret Testing Range (Louie)
444. Secret Testing Range (Olimar, Carrying)
445. Secret Testing Range (Louie, Carrying)
446. Secret Testing Range (Olimar, Battle)
447. Secret Testing Range (Louie, Battle)
448. Cinema
449. Louie’s Dark Secret (GCN)
450. Louie’s Dark Secret (WII)
451. Olimar Wins (Unused)
452. Louie Wins (Unused)
453. Draw (Unused)
454. Onion Boot (Unused)
455. You’re Fired! (Unused)
456. Challenge Mode Return (Unused)
457. Book (Unused)
458. Camera (Unused)

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