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Ninja Gaiden The Definitive Soundtrack Vol. 2

Release DateMay 01, 2017
ComposersRyuichi Nitta, Keiji Yamagishi, Mayuko Okamura, Mikio Saito, Rika Shigeno, Kaori Nakabai
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byBrave Wave
PlatformsNES (Famicom), SNES (Super Famicom), Amiga
ProductsNinja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos, Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom 


01Chaosium Sword1:36
02Twist of Fate II0:06
03Going Gets Tough1:07
05Robert the Army0:43
06It’s Too Late0:05
08Interlude II0:13
11No End Darkness1:27
12Tower Lahja0:26
13World Enslaved1:30
14The Parasprinter1:22
15Irene Captured0:57
16The Dark Emperor1:07
17Hideous Relics1:05
18Interlude I0:09
19Fire Cavern1:16
20Shadow Diabolica1:06
21To the Rescue0:07
22Unlimited Moment1:30
23Castle Demonic0:29
24Ryu Fights Back0:30
25Lord of Night1:32
26Irene & Ryu1:32
27A Long Way To Go2:08
29All Gone0:07
30Introduction I0:25
31Introduction II0:38
32Introduction III1:15
33Twist of Fate0:06
34Stage 1-1 / 5-11:07
36Cinema Display I0:41
37Cinema Display II1:34
38Stage 2-1 / 7-21:10
39Cinema Display III0:07
40Cinema Display IV0:28
41Stage 2-2 / 5-21:07
42Cinema Display V1:10
43Cinema Display VI1:01
44Stage 3-1 / 6-21:10
45Cinema Display VII0:29
46Cinema Display VIII0:07
47Stage 3-2 / 6-11:07
48Cinema Display IX1:16
49Stage 4-1 / 7-12:03
50Cinema Display X1:01
51Stage 4-2 / 7-31:33
52Cinema Display XI0:51
53Cinema Display XII0:21
54Cinema Display XIII0:15
55Stage 7-5 / 7-60:47
56Epilogue [NGIII]1:43
58Game Over0:07
59Twist of Fate (Reprise)0:05

Disc length 54:04

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