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Monster Hunter: World Original Soundtrack

Release DateFeb 14, 2018
Composer(s)Tadayoshi Makino, Zhenlan Kang, Akihiko Narita, Yuko Komiyama, Masato Kouda
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySuleputer
PlatformsPC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
ProductsMonster Hunter: World


01Main Theme – Stars At Our Backs4:31
02Main Menu1:14
03Meeting a Friend3:43
05The New World – First Uproar2:06
06Cornerstone of the New World – Astera5:02
07Meowscular Chef’s Custom Platter0:18
08First Council Meeting – Daily Matters3:15
09Preparing for the Journey – Living Quarters2:35
10Stalking – Hold Your Breath1:35
11The New World Before My Eyes (Day)0:19
12The New World Before My Eyes (Night)0:18
13Ancient Forest: Small Monsters Abound2:07
14Ancient Forest: Medium Monsters Abound2:20
15Savage of the Ancient Forest3:50
16Savage of the Ancient Forest: The Chase2:25
17Quest Complete! – Proof of a Hero version1:46
18Celestial Pursuit – Bustling Heavens4:24
19Tale of the Five2:00
20The Wind on the Wastelands (Day)0:26
21The Wind on the Wastelands (Night)0:26
22Wildspire Waste: Small Monsters Abound1:55
23Wildspire Waste: Medium Monsters Abound2:33
24Rulers of the Wildspire4:31
25Rulers of the Wildspire: The Chase2:24
26Quest Failed0:58
27Eat Up!0:29
28Second Council Meeting – Tension4:35
29Beast with Fire Upon its Back – Zorah Magdaros4:30

Disc length 70:06

01Proof of a Hero – Monster Hunter: World version2:10
02Returning from an Expedition2:40
03The Isolated Researchers – Third Fleet Research Base4:10
04Tailraider Safari, Go!0:50
05Raining Life on the Highlands (Day)0:29
06Raining Life on the Highlands (Night)0:31
07Coral Highlands: Small Monsters Abound2:06
08Coral Highlands: Medium Monsters Abound2:21
09Dancer in the Coral Highlands4:17
10Dancer in the Coral Highlands: The Chase1:45
11Returning from a Quest1:46
12Arena: Small Monsters Abound3:36
13Arena: Large Monsters Abound4:10
14Where Life Comes to Rest (Day)0:22
15Where Life Comes to Rest (Night)0:22
16Rotten Vale: Small Monsters Abound2:08
17Rotten Vale: Medium Monsters Abound2:30
18Murmurs from the Land Forbidden4:43
19Murmurs from the Land Forbidden: The Chase2:28
20On Sale Now!3:00
21Dreams of Tomorrow – Private Quarters4:19
22Third Council Meeting – Showdown2:40
23To the Next Life1:30
24Journey to the Truth2:40
25The Argosy Calls0:45
26Poogie’s Great Delight (World version)0:12
27The Radiance of the Crystals (Day)0:27
28The Radiance of the Crystals (Night)0:33
29Elder’s Recess: Small Monsters Abound2:33
30Elder’s Recess: Medium Monsters Abound2:17
31Forces of Land and Life4:23
32Forces of Land and Life: The Chase2:28
33Gorgeous Days – Private Suite4:07

Disc length 75:18

01Even Elder Dragons Tremble – Nergigante4:53
02Even Elder Dragons Tremble – Nergigante: The Chase2:19
03In the Domain of the Gajalaka3:02
04The Savage Gajalaka3:32
05The Shadow Upon the Tempest – Kushala Daora (World version)5:44
06The Shadow Upon the Tempest – Kushala Daora: The Chase1:50
07Ruler of the Flame – Teostra (World version)4:03
08Ruler of the Flame – Teostra: The Chase1:44
09Fourth Council Meeting – Revival3:22
10Keeper of Hades – Vaal Hazak4:38
11Keeper of Hades – Vaal Hazak: The Chase2:20
12The Invading Tyrant – Bazelgeuse4:37
13The Invading Tyrant – Bazelgeuse: The Chase2:20
14Unsettling Premonition3:20
15Guiding Lamp to the Otherworld4:25
16How Life Springs Anew4:37
17Quest Complete! – Main Theme version1:44
19Proof of a Hero – Monster Hunter: World version (Extended edition)3:12
20State of Emergency!4:11
21Pride of a Nameless Hunter4:25

Disc length 74:04

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Monster Hunter: World Original Soundtrack / Game Music

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