Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

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Kirby: Triple Deluxe - Original Sound Version

Release Date11 January 2014
ComposersHirokazu Ando, Jun Ishikawa
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Unofficial/Gamerip
Rip by: !!!!!
PlatformsNintendo 3DS
Products Kirby: Triple Deluxe


01. Channel Menu
02. Sun, Sky, Dreamstalk (Title)
03. Main Menu [”Save Area” from Kirby Super Star]
04. Opening
05. GREEN GREENS (World Map) [from Kirby’s Dream Land]
06. Floral Fields (Beanstalk Area)
07. Hypernova Inhale (Hypernova Ability)
08. Sun Stone Get!
09. Stage Clear Dance [Short]
10. The Cave in the Sky (Cave Area)
11. Tilting the World (Puzzle Room)
12. Chasing Down the Mini-Boss (Mid-Boss Battle)
13. Fine Fields (Prairie Area)
14. A Forest Hike (Forest Area)
15. Invincible
16. Dark Clouds (Approaching Boss)
17. Bouncing Boss Battle (Boss Battle)
18. Boss Goal
19. Grand Sun Stone Get!
20. Stage Clear Dance [Long]
21. Under the Sunshine
22. Must Dash (Candy Area)
23. Toy Rhythm (Toy Area)
24. Spring Smash Factory (Factory Area)
25. Reflected Laughter (Haunted Area)
26. Kirby Fighters!
27. Kirby Fighters! – Battle Start
28. Kirby Fighters! – Big Forest [from Kirby’s Dream Land 2]
29. Kirby Fighters! – Final Battle Start
30. Sky at Sunset (Canyon Area)
31. Silver Snow Story (Sky Area)
32. Cold Odyssey (Snow Area)
33. King Dedede Drum Dash – GREEN GREENS [from Kirby’s Dream Land]
34. King Dedede Drum Dash – Gourmet Race [from Kirby Super Star]
35. King Dedede Drum Dash – Fountain of Dreams [from Kirby’s Adventure]
36. King Dedede Drum Dash – Results
37. Royal Warp (Dedede Mode Warp)
38. Spinning Jungle (Jungle Area)
39. Golden Legend (Ruins Area)
40. The Road to Becoming The Grapple King (The Arena) [from Kirby Super Star]
41. Helper’s Rest (The Arena – Intermission) [from Kirby Ultra Super Deluxe]
42. Arena Showdown (The Arena – Battle) [from Kirby Super Star]
43. Sun, Sky, Dreamstalk (Album Ver.)
44. Dedede Deluxe!!! (Album Ver.)
45. Arena Showdown (Album Ver.)

01. Mountains in an Angry Sky (Volcano Area)
02. Mysterious Trap (Gemstone Area)
03. Ripple Red (Boss Rush) [from Kirby 64 – The Crystal Shards]
04. Majestic Flora
05. Moonlight Capital (Castle Area)
06. Beautiful Prison (Tower Area)
07. Hypernova All-Stars (Hypernova Boss Battle)
08. The True Arena [from Kirby Ultra Super Deluxe]
09. True Peace of Mind (The True Arena – Intermission)
10. True Arena Showdown (The True Arena – Battle) [from Kirby Ultra Super Deluxe]
11. Taranza, Master of Puppetry
12. Revenge of the Enemy (vs. Masked King Dedede)
13. Dedede’s Royal Payback (vs. Masked King Dedede 2)
14. Shadow Strike (vs. Dark Meta Knight) [from Kirby & The Amazing Mirror]
15. Divine Beauty
16. Sullied Grace (vs. Queen Sectonia)
17. She Who Holds the Stars
18. Fatal Blooms in Moonlight (vs. Queen Sectonia 2)
19. Last-Minute Hero
20. The World to Win (vs. Queen Sectonia 3)
21. FLOWERED (Ending)
22. One of the Miracles (Staff Roll 1)
23. Staff Roll 2
24. Collection
25. The Adventure Begins (Triple Deluxe Ver.) [from Kirby’s Return to Dream Land]
26. Sullied Grace (Album Ver.)
27. The World to Win (vs. Sectonia Soul Ver.)
28. Forever-Sleeping Flower in Moonlight
29. Dreams and Disappearing Kings
30. Sun Stone Incomplete

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