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KINGDOM HEARTS -HD 2.5 ReMIX- Original Soundtrack

Release DateNov 26, 2014
Composer(s)Yoko Shimomura, Hikaru Utada, Alan Menken, Jimmie Dodd, Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman, Klaus Badelt, Geoffrey Zanelli, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Nobuo Uematsu
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Published bySquare Enix Music
PlatformsPlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
ProductsKingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix


01Dearly Beloved4:19
02Passion -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version-3:42
03Passion -opening version-4:23
04Lazy Afternoons3:12
05Sinister Sundown2:09
06The Escapade2:04
07Dive into the Heart -Destati-3:00
08Fragments of Sorrow2:18
09Tension Rising2:40
11Missing You3:33
12The 13th Struggle3:13
15The Afternoon Streets2:59
16Working Together2:33
17Friends in My Heart1:46
18Magical Mystery1:41
19A Twinkle in the Sky1:33
20Reviving Hollow Bastion3:27
21Scherzo Di Notte2:06
22Laughter and Merriment1:55
23Desire for All That Is Lost2:34
24Organization XIII2:34

Disc length 63:59

01Gearing Up1:41
02Shipmeisters’ Shanty3:42
03Blast Off!0:45
04Asteroid Attack2:10
05Crossing the Finish Line0:48
06Waltz of the Damned2:07
07Dance of the Daring1:54
09Dance to the Death2:49
10Beauty and the Beast0:46
11The Home of Dragons2:46
12Field of Honor2:20
14Vim and Vigor2:33
16Olympic Coliseum2:51
17Road to a Hero1:52
18The Underworld2:26
19What Lies Beneath2:18
20Villains of a Sort1:14
21Beneath the Ground1:46
22Rowdy Rumble2:39
23Mickey Mouse Club March2:07
24A Walk in Andante1:46
25Monochrome Dreams1:49
26Old Friends, Old Rivals1:34
27Floating In Bliss2:27
28Winnie The Pooh2:32
30Bounce-O-Rama (Speed up ver.)3:04

Disc length 63:20

01Isn’t It Lovely?2:53
02Let’s Sing and Dance!0:30
03Swim This Way2:21
04Part of Your World1:46
05Under the Sea2:04
06Ursula’s Revenge2:16
07A New Day is Dawning2:13
08Any Time Any Place0:18
09Nights of the Cursed3:41
10He’s a Pirate2:40
11The Corrupted2:12
12Hazardous Highway2:03
13A Day in Agrabah2:47
14Arabian Dream2:39
15Arabian Daydream2:33
16This is Halloween2:28
17Spooks of Halloween Town2:18
18What a Surprise?!2:43
19Happy Holidays!2:31
20Adventures in the Savannah3:02
21Savannah Pride2:24
22The Encounter2:56
23Space Paranoids3:13
24Byte Bashing2:21
25Byte Striking2:08
26Cavern of Remembrance3:26
27Deep Anxiety2:16
28The 13th Reflection3:47
29Sinister Shadows2:04
30The 13th Dilemma3:37

Disc length 74:10

01Showdown at Hollow Bastion0:47
02One-Winged Angel (from Final Fantasy VII)3:48
03Battleship Bravery2:00
04Sacred Moon3:48
05Deep Drive2:55
06The Other Promise4:37
10A Fight to the Death3:36
11Darkness of the Unknown7:50
12Passion ~after the battle~6:00
13Fantasia alla marcia for piano, chorus and orchestra7:46
14Destiny Islands1:11
15Hand in Hand0:39
16Sunset Horizons1:30
17Dearly Beloved -Reprise-2:46
18Rage Awakened3:46
19Fate of the Unknown3:27
20Keyblade Graveyard Horizon2:53

Disc length 71:32

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