Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

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Piano Collections NieR:Automata

Release DateApr 25, 2018
ComposersKeiichi Okabe, Keigo Hoashi, Kuniyuki Takahashi
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Arrangement
Published bySquare Enix Music
PlatformsPlayStation 4, PC
ProductsNier: Automata


01Piano: Weight of the World6:17
02Piano: Amusement Park6:55
03Piano: A Beautiful Song5:07
04Piano: City Ruins3:48
05Piano: Dependent Weakling4:18
06Piano: Peaceful Sleep4:54
07Piano: Copied City4:21
08Piano: Voice of no Return3:56
09Piano: Bipolar Nightmare4:23
10Piano: The Tower5:09
11Piano: The Sound of the End6:03
12Piano: Vague Hope5:56

Disc length 61:07

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