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DRAGON BALL Z3 Original soundtrack

Release DateMar 02, 2005
ComposersKenji Yamamoto
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byTEAM Entertainment (distributed by Sony Music Distribution)
PlatformsPlayStation 2
ProductsDragon Ball Z: Budokai 3


01Ore wa Tokoton Tomaranai!!1:35
02MISSION ~Make A New Legend~2:25
03Sky Battle For Justice2:22
04Impulse to Victory2:37
05We Go Nuts! ~Restless Night~2:10
06Under the Gibbous Moon2:30
07Fortitude ~Indomitable Spirit~2:24
08Hand-in-Hand Fight2:52
0912AM Shuffle Time3:10
1024-7 Crazy3:26
11Hurricane Challenger2:22
12Twist of Fate2:38
13ouT oF CoNTRoL2:26
14Can You Hear My Heartbeat?2:47
15Ultra dAnce in Battlefield2:08
16Over The Galaxy2:33
17Night of Tempest2:11
18Tip-Top Shape2:12
19Blazing Outsiders2:11
20Flight in the Dark side1:59
21Daybreak Battle2:47
22Evil Power2:22
23Ultimatum ~Surrender Or Perish~2:05
24Powerful Man from the Darkness2:19
25The Greatest Tactics In the Universe ~Great Tactics~4:48
26Embrace the Blue Sky2:43
27Expectation (Remix)2:24
28Twist of Fate ~ouT oF CoNTRoL (Remix)9:07

Disc length 77:33

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