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Dragon Age: Origins Original Videogame Score

Release DateDec 08, 2009
ComposersInon Zur, Aubrey Ashburn
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Published byE.A.R.S.
PlatformsPC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
ProductsDragon Age: Origins


01Dragon Age: Origins2:49
02I Am The One (High Fantasy Version)4:03
03The Chantry’s Hubris3:16
04Elves At The Mercy Of Man1:21
05The Dwarven Nobles1:07
06Mages In Their Chantry2:01
07The Common Dwarf1:24
08The Dalish1:18
09Human Nobility1:21
10Ruins Of Ostagar1:18
11Enter The Korcari Wilds1:06
12Darkspawn In The Wilds1:13
13Join The Grey Wardens1:53
14The Betrayal3:01
15The Party Camp0:44
16Battle The Darkspawn Hordes1:05
17The Endless Wave Of Hurlocks1:06
18The Dalish Elves’ Encampment1:18
19Urn Of Sacred Ashes1:01
21Battle For The Urn1:06
22Attack On Denerim1:06
23The Dungeons Of Landsmeet1:12
24Dungeons And Dungeons1:13
26The Battle Of Lothering Village2:18
27Ferelden At War2:57
28Lelianna’s Song2:33
29King Edrin1:31
30The Deep Roads1:20
31Battle The Blight1:05
32To Kill An Ogre3:09
33Challenge An Arch Demon3:12
34The Coronation1:03
35I Am The One (Dark Fantasy Version)4:09

Disc length 62:34

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