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DANGANRONPA Original Soundtrack

Release DateFeb 14, 2011
ComposersMasafumi Takada, Satoshi Iwase
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Published bySound Prestige Records
PlatformsPlayStation Portable, Mobile Phone, PlayStation Vita, PC, PlayStation 4
ProductsDanganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc


02Dangan Ronpa!2:13
03Punishment Rocket0:55
04Beautiful Days4:03
05Beautiful Dead5:36
06Class Trial Dawn Edition6:13
07Mr. Monokuma’s Extracurricular Lesson2:49
08BOX 154:05
09Junk Food for a Dashing Youth4:17
11Million Fungoes1:35
12Desire for Execution…3:41
13Living to the Fullest4:22
14Motorcycle Death Cage1:13
15Trial Underground1:48
17Discussion -BREAK-3:56
18Despair Pollution Noise Music0:10
20Versailles Style Witch Hunt Stake1:33
21Weekly Despair Magazine2:52
22SUPER M.T.B.2:29
23Welcome Despair School2:59
24A Dozer Master0:47
25Detention for the Unlucky1:44
26Beautiful Morning3:47
27Climax Inference4:09

Disc length 77:17

01DANGANRONPA (DR Version)2:51
03Mr. Monokuma’s Lesson3:45
04Despair Syndrome3:46
06BOX 165:32
07Discussion -MIX- (EDGE Version)4:32
08Class Trial Turbulent Edition3:53
09Class Trial Solar Edition4:40
10Discussion -HEAT UP-4:13
11Flashing Anagram3:34
12Discussion -HOPE VS DESPAIR-4:30
13Detention for the Mysterious1:23
14All All Apologies4:37
15Super Duper Nasty Torture1:18
16Climax Replay2:11
17New World Order4:44
18Goodbye Despair School4:12
19Saisei -rebuild-5:03
20Prologue – Credits0:18
21Chapter 10:15
22Chapter 20:15
23Chapter 30:21
24Chapter 40:18
25Chapter 50:18
26Chapter 60:22
27Your and My Report Card0:07
28Kotodama Get0:06
29Present Get0:06
30Rare Present Get0:06
31Mono-Mono Machine!0:06
32Activation – Electronic Student Notebook0:07
33That Person Saw It!0:08
34Radio Exercise Ansatsuken0:32
35Phase Results0:06
36Chapter Results0:07

Disc length 70:46

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