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Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls Original Soundtrack

Release DateDec 18, 2014
ComposersMasafumi Takada, Tomohiro Nakatsuchi
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Published bySound Prestige Records
PlatformsPlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, PC
ProductsDanganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls


02Ultra? Despair? Girls?3:31
04Wonderful dead0014:46
06Chapter Title0:12
07It’s a Monokuma World4:35
08Ultra Terrified Girl2:31
09Business Trip Version Punishment ~Helicopter Crash Episode~1:03
10We Can’t Change the World1:32
11Hope of the Other Side0:23
12secret base ~Left Behind by the Adults~3:53
13Under Attack0:28
15Wonderful dead0024:46
16DSO_Living to the Fullest3:29
17Sortie! Its Name Is Robot0:53
18Riddle Land3:58
19Business Trip Version Punishment ~Parachute Landing Episode~0:45
20DSO_Junk Food for a Dashing Youth3:02
21Welcome to TOWA tower3:52
22Monster That Shouts Its Love in Center of the Hell1:34
23Business Trip Version Punishment ~Swimming Explosion Episode~0:41
24DSO_Desire for Execution2:50
25This Is the Path We Follow2:12

Disc length 63:33

01Let’s Play With Monokuma3:09
02Ghost Stories From the School District of Revolution3:53
03Abnormality on the Girls’ Front Line2:15
04The Warriors of Hope3:18
06Punishment of the Hero1:22
07DSO_Shore-scented Dead End3:48
08Absolute Despair Girl3:05
09Absolute Delusional Girl2:12
10Business Trip Version Punishment ~Adult Diorama Episode~0:43
11Punishment of the Priest1:07
12It’s a Kids’ World3:00
13Wonderful dead0034:46
14Business Trip Version Punishment ~Monokuma Raid Episode~0:54
15Alice in the Children’s Land5:38
16The Light of Darkness0:20
17DSO_All All Apologies3:03
18Punishment of the Warrior0:45
19DSO_Welcome Despair School2:16
20The Destruction of Darkness0:39
21Like I Would Become a Monster3:15
22Melody of Shivering0:33
23DSO_New World Order2:42
24Chapter End0:12
25Big Bang Monokuma Appears!!0:18

Disc length 58:18

01Wonderful dead0044:44
02The Forbidden Playhouse3:04
03Last VERSUS2:03
04Re: Underground Trial1:50
05Shou’s Fever Time2:49
06DSO_Weekly Despair Magazine3:44
07Punishment of the Sage!!0:35
08DSO_Mr. Monokuma’s Extracurricular Lesson2:49
09DSO_Despair Syndrome2:42
10Departing from TOWA Towards the Hell2:51
11Wonderful dead0054:47
12Decisive Battle with the Mage1:01
13Discussion -HOPE VS DESPAIR-3:20
14Punishment of the Mage0:16
15Day Before the Future3:09
16“progressive -Short Version-“1:46
17Monoc-Man Activate0:15
18I’m Going Delusional0:15
19The Store0:10
20Challenge from a Child0:06
21Saving on a Potty0:06
22Truth Bullet GET!0:06
23Skill GET!0:06
24Hidden Kids Discovered!0:07
25Let’s Play With Monokuma (Instruments)3:07

Disc length 45:48

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