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Crash Twinsanity: The Complete Soundtrack

Release DateSeptember 28, 2004
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Unofficial/Gamerip
Rip by: Wheatley_Teh_Genius
PlatformsPlayStation 2, Xbox
ProductsCrash Twinsanity


01. N. Sanity Island
02. Attract Demo (Humiliskate – Short Edit)
03. The Doctor In Drag
04. Dr. Neo Cortex & Mecha-Bandicoot
05. Cavern Catastrophe
06. Mind Games
07. Doc Amok (Totem Hokum)
08. River Rollerbrawl
09. Worming Around (Worm Chase)
10. Totem Trouble
11. The Totem God
12. Cortex’s Magnificent WHALE Of A Plan!
13. Iceberg Lab
14. Iceberg Lab (Unused Faster Variation)
15. Ice Climb (Unused)
16. Uka-Uka: The Ice Creature
17. Masks To Riches
18. Curse You, Crash Bandicoot!
19. Intelligent Idea (N. Sanity Island – Short Edit)
20. Humiliskate (Slip-Slide Icecapades)
21. Henchmania (High Seas Hi-Jinks)
22. N. Gin On Deck
23. The Rusty Walrus
24. N. Tropy & N. Brio

01. Airship Assault
02. Madame Amberly’s School – The Academy Of Evil
03. Madame Amberly’s School – The Academy Of Evil (No Laughing)
04. Boiler Room Doom
05. Boiler Room Doom (Unused Alternate Track)
06. Dingodile
07. Classroom Chaos (Crash)
08. Classroom Chaos (Cortex)
09. Classroom Chaos (Unused Alternate Track)
10. Rooftop Rampage
11. Madame Amberly
12. Cortex’s Mad Memories
13. To The 10th Dimension!
14. Twisted Iceberg Lab
15. Twisted Humiliskate (Rockslide Rumble)
16. Twisted N. Sanity Island (Twinsanity Island)
17. Twisted Doc Amok (Bandicoot Pursuit)
18. The Evil Twins’ Compound (Ant Agony)
19. Confrontation Conundrum
20. The Evil Twins
21. One HECK Of An Ending…
22. Crash’s Cranium
23. Credits Compilation
24. Demo Hub

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