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Chrono Trigger Symphony Volume 2

Release DateSep 24, 2013
ComposersYasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, Blake Robinson
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Arrangement
Published byJoypad Records
PlatformsSNES (Super Famicom), PlayStation, Nintendo DS, Mobile Phone, PC
ProductsChrono Trigger


01A Desolate World3:00
02Mystery from the Past0:49
03Site 161:49
04Those Without the Will to Live3:14
05Lavos’ Theme2:48
06The Last Day of the World3:01
07Johnny of the Robo Gang1:39
08Bike Chase1:46
09Robo’s Theme1:48
10Derelict Factory3:01
11Battle 21:35
12Fanfare 20:11
13At the End of Time2:50
14Jolly Ol’ Spekkio2:04
15Fanfare 30:11
16Creeping through the Sewers2:04
17Boss Battle 22:10
18Primeval Mountain2:16
19Ayla’s Theme1:07
20Rhythm of Earth, Wind, and Sky1:53
21Burn! Bobonga! Burn!1:53
22The Fiendlord’s Keep1:04
23Strains of Insanity1:41
24Magus Confronted3:03

Disc length 46:57

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