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Chrono Trigger Symphony Volume 1

Release DateAug 22, 2013
ComposersYasunori Mitsuda, Nobuo Uematsu, Noriko Matsueda, The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Arrangement
Published byJoypad Records
PlatformsSNES (Super Famicom), PlayStation, Nintendo DS, Mobile Phone, PC
ProductsChrono Trigger


01A Premonition0:59
02The Chrono Trigger Symphony2:10
03Morning Glow1:20
04Peaceful Days1:15
05Green Memories2:40
06Guardia’s Millennial Fair2:05
07Gato’s Song1:38
08Strange Occurances2:19
09Yearnings of the Wind2:12
10Good Night0:48
11Secret of the Forest3:59
13Guardia Castle – Pride & Glory1:54
15The Cathedral1:40
16A Prayer for the Wayfarer0:46
17Light of Silence1:43
18Boss Battle 11:51
19Frog’s Theme1:10
20Fanfare 11:20
21The Trial1:58
22The Hidden Truth1:02
23Critical Moment2:34

Disc length 39:51

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