Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Borderlands 3 Original Game Soundtrack

Borderlands 3: Complete Game Soundtrack

Release DateOct 30, 2019
ComposersMichael McCann, Jesper Kyd, Finishing Move Inc., Raison Varner, Mike Jones
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Remix
Published byLaced Records
PlatformsPCPlayStation 4Xbox One, Google Stadia
ProductsBorderlands 3


01Sanctuary 3 (OST)7:18
02Landing on Athenas (OST)4:13
03Liberating Athenas (OST)4:21
04Atlas HQ – State of The Art (OST)4:49
05Atlas HQ – Attacked (OST)4:07
06Neon Arterial – Upper City (OST)4:41
07Lectra City (OST)4:07
08Lectra City – The Games Begin (OST)3:19
09Skywell 27 – Katagawa’s Sphere (OST)3:29
10Skywell 27 – Beneath The Pleasure Barge (OST)2:39
11Skywell 27 – To Rhys’s Rescue (OST)3:44
12Skywell 27 – Katagawa’s Minions (OST)3:26
13Skywell 27 – Maliwan Pushes Hard (OST)3:04
14Metroplex – Survival Questionable (OST)3:36
15Metroplex – Meet The Resistance (OST)3:58
16Metroplex – Beyond the Ratches (OST)4:21
17The Rampager – Part 1 (OST)2:43
18The Rampager – Part 2 (OST)4:00
19Neon Arterial – Ending the Family Presence (OST)3:24
20Neon Arterial – Lower Depths (OST)4:35
21Captain Traunt Falls (OST)3:30
22Metroplex – Fighting Maliwan (OST)2:54
23Metroplex – Gigamind (OST)3:48
24Lectra City After Glow (OST)2:04
25Atlas HQ – Katagawa Gets Served (OST)2:51
26Killavolt Wins His Prize (OST)2:53
27Sanctuary 3 – Moxxi’s Interlude 1 (OST)3:08
28Carnivora Put On Its Big Pants (OST)2:30

Disc length 103:32

01MainMenu (Day) (OST)5:07
02Exploring The Dormant Ship (OST)4:25
03The Bandits at Jakob’s Estate (OST)4:05
04The Creatures of Floodmoor Basin (OST)1:24
05The Warden of The Anvil (OST)3:22
06Enter Floodmoor Basin (OST)9:10
07Tension in the Embermire (OST)2:18
08GenIVIV Goes Down (OST)3:27
09Arrival At The Anvil (OST)3:46
10Riot at The Anvil (OST)5:12
11Spaceships in the Swamp (OST)7:10
12The Dormant Ship Attacks (OST)3:44
13The Puzzle at Jakob’s Estate (OST)2:52
14Enter The Embermire (OST)5:17
15The Ambush at Jakob’s Estate (OST)3:01
16A Self Guided Tour at Jakob’s Estate (OST)1:39
17Creatures of the Embermire (OST)2:25
18Saurians Attack in Floodmoor Basin (OST)1:57
19Raging Out in Jakob’s Manner (OST)2:18
20Exploring the Powder Cellars (OST)4:28
21Treasures of the Jakob’s Vault (OST)7:42
22Aurelia’s Last Breath (OST)2:01
23The Floating Tomb Fights Back (OST)4:24
24The Floating Tomb – Tranquility Achieved (OST)6:13
25MainMenu (Night) (OST)5:08
26The Drunk Violinist Entertains (Bonus Track) (OST)0:52
27Sanctuary 3 – Moxxi’s Interlude 2 (OST)3:02

Disc length 106:29

01Konrad’s Hold – Arrival (OST)4:33
02The Devil’s Razor Fights Back (OST)4:04
03Welcome to the Devil’s Razor (OST)3:00
04Devil’s Razor – Close Shave (OST)3:26
05Carnivora RIDES! (OST)3:59
06Cathedral Of The Twin Gods (OST)2:04
07The Cathedral Calls To The Family (OST)2:35
08The Cathedral’s Best Arrive (OST)1:58
09The Proving Grounds Mystery (OST)4:50
10The Proving Grounds Exam (OST)2:33
11The Proving Grounds Final Exam (OST)3:07
12Marcus Tells a Story (OST)2:30
13Into The Guts of Carnivora (OST)2:10
14Carnivora’s Digestion Intensifies (OST)2:42
15The Carnivora Show LIVE (OST)5:44
16The End Of Troy (OST)7:44
17The End of Tyreen (OST)7:08
18Konrad’s Hold – The Depths (OST)2:22
19The Firehawk Rises (OST)2:37
20The End of Troy – Remix (OST)3:56
21The End of Tyreen – Remix (OST)4:18
22Sanctuary 3 – Moxxi’s Interlude 3 (OST)3:15

Disc length 80:35

01The Arrival (OST)4:38
02The Arrival… Intensifies (OST)5:16
03A Forgotten Space (OST)6:31
04Maliwan Is Here (OST)5:58
05In Case It Wasn’t Clear… TRAUNT! (OST)5:54
06The Machine Crypt (OST)7:06
07Action At The Machine (OST)3:28
08The Family Wants The Machine (OST)5:21
09Digby Vermouth – Supernova Dreamsicle (OST)4:46

Disc length 48:58

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