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BAYONETTA Original Soundtrack

Release DateNov 04, 2009
Composer(s)Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Masami Ueda, Rei Kondoh, Norihiko Hibino, Hiro, Erina Niwa, Takayasu Sodeoka, Takahiro Izutani, Yoshitaka Suzuki, Naoto Tanaka
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Vocal, Prototype/Unused 
Published byWAVE MASTER ENTERTAINMENT (distributed by avex marketing)
PlatformsPlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii U, PC, Nintendo Switch


01Opening Demo0:41
02One Of A Kind5:00
03EV01 The Beginning0:43
04GM01 Chapter Start1:20
05EV02-1 Prologue0:44
06EV02-2 The Angels Descend A1:35
07Riders Of The Light2:27
08Fly Me To The Moon (∞ Climax Mix)5:19
09EV03-1 Drive with Enzo4:02
10EV03-2 Jeanne Appears1:37
11ST01 The Crashing Military Transport3:11
12EV04-1 Dance With Jeanne0:28
13EV04-2 Signs of Unrest0:13
14The Gates Of Hell4:00
15EV05 Scarborough Fair Equipped0:29
16ST02 Vigrid – Station Platform5:08
17Theme Of Bayonetta – Mysterious Destiny2:52
18ST03 Vigrid – Town Area5:45
19EV06-1 The Angels Descend B0:33
20EV06-2 Bayonetta Ready to Fight A0:15
21The Heavies2:16
22Infernal Demon Summoning2:06
23Fortitudo – In Labors And Dangers (Movement 1)2:59
24GM02 Chapter Clear1:52
25EV07-1 Jeanne – Bike Action0:53
26EV07-2 Conversation with Jeanne1:19
27EV07-3 In the Battleground Inside the Memories A0:37
28Battle For The Umbra Throne2:24
29EV08 The Angels Descend C0:22
30EV09-1 Luka Appears0:49
31EV09-2 Conversation with Luka A1:31
32EV09-3 Conversation with Luka B0:34
33EV09-4 The Angels Descend D0:30
34EV09-5 Bayonetta Ready to Fight B0:29
36EV10-1 The Mysterious Girl, Cereza Appears0:47
37EV10-2 Fortitudo, Appearing0:21
38EV11 Conversation with Fortitudo1:30

Disc length 70:05

01ST04 Town Area Swallowed by Lava3:23
02EV12-1 In the Nick of Time!0:09
03EV12-2 Action!2:30
04ST05 Underground Cave2:33
05Paradiso – Paradise of Light3:00
06God’s Hymns A1:17
07God’s Hymns B2:02
08EV13 Fortitudo, Again1:07
09Fortitudo – In Labors And Dangers4:58
10Climatic Battle1:18
11Let’s Hit The Climax!1:36
12ST06 Moonlight Valley3:44
13EV14-1 Confrontation with Jeanne A0:47
14EV14-2 Confrontation with Jeanne B0:23
15Red & Black5:16
16ST07 The Witches’ Training Grounds3:21
17EV15 Cereza2:03
18First Love0:29
20EV16 Sexy Battle0:57
21EV17 Cunning0:32
22EV18 Temperantia Appears1:50
23Temperantia – In Foregoing Pleasures3:41
24Splash Wave (∞ Climax Mix)4:36
25After Burner (∞ Climax Mix)5:27
26Magnificent 7 (∞ Climax Mix)3:22

Disc length 60:33

01ST08 Paradiso – Graveyard of Remembrance of Time6:05
02EV19-1 In the Battleground Inside the Memories B0:40
03EV19-2 In the Battleground Inside the Memories, Attack1:08
04ST09 Paradiso – Sea of Stars5:57
05EV20 Luka Glimpses Bayonetta’s Battle1:36
06EV21-1 Iustitia Appears A0:08
07EV21-2 Luka’s Wild Idea A0:19
08EV21-3 Iustitia Appears B0:37
09EV21-4 Iustitia Appears C0:42
10Iustitia – In Giving Every Man His Due4:09
11EV22-1 At the Airbase, Luka’s Speech A0:30
12EV22-2 Eyes of the World4:18
13EV22-3 At the Airbase, Luka’s Speech B2:02
14EV22-4 At the Airbase, Attack0:56
15ST10 The Giant Military Transport, Valkyrie3:41
16EV23-1 Confrontation with Jeanne C2:04
17EV23-2 The Crashing Valkyrie1:25
18ST11 Save Cereza!2:34
19EV24-1 Sapientia Appears A0:41
20EV24-2 Sapientia Appears B1:13
21Sapientia – In The Choice Between Good And Evil4:03
22EV25 Luka’s Wild Idea B0:22
23Space Harrier (∞ Climax Mix)5:51
24Wiwi Jumbo (Heaven Sent Mix)0:32
25EV26-1 Before the Final Battle with Jeanne A1:59
26EV26-2 Before the Final Battle with Jeanne B0:29
27EV26-3 Before the Final Battle with Jeanne C1:22
28Blood & Darkness5:34
29EV27-1 Jeanne A1:21
30EV27-2 Truth0:48
31EV27-3 Jeanne B1:03
32EV27-4 Miraculous Return!?0:14
33EV27-5 Bayonetta and Luka0:57

Disc length 65:20

01EV28 To the Ithavoll Building0:27
02ST12 Ithavoll Building Lower Floors2:44
03ST13 Ithavoll Building Upper Floors4:51
04EV29-1 Balder’s Speech A1:12
05EV29-2 Balder’s Speech B1:52
06EV29-3 Balder’s Speech C2:11
07EV29-4 Balder’s Speech D1:33
08EV29-5 Luka, Deceased1:26
09EV29-6 Balder1:01
10You May Call Me Father5:26
11EV30-1 The End of the Journey2:06
12EV30-2 Bayonetta Seized by the Statue of God3:31
13EV31-1 Jeanne, To the Space A0:31
14EV31-2 Jeanne, To the Space B0:41
16EV32 Jeanne, Deceased2:07
17The Greatest Jubilee7:37
18EV33 Staff Roll…?0:41
19EV34 Luka Views the Night Sky0:50
20EV35-1 Epilogue1:52
21EV35-2 Romance1:04
22Let’s Dance, Boys!3:39
23Fly Me To The Moon2:24

Disc length 56:27

01Magical Sound Shower / Out Run5:30
02Splash Wave / Out Run5:55
03After Burner / After Burner5:03
04After Burner / After Burner II5:23
05After Burner With Melody Ver. / After Burner II5:23
06Boss / Fantasy Zone1:43
07Theme / Space Harrier4:05
08GM03 Angel Attack3:01
09GM04 Verse Result Jingle0:09
10GM05 Silver Medal Acquisition Jingle0:07
11GM06 Gold Medal Acquisition Jingle0:07
12GM07 Platinum Medal Acquisition Jingle0:08
13Angelic Hymns – Military March0:33
14Angelic Hymns – Moonlight0:33
15Angelic Hymns – Fantaisie Impromptu0:33
16Angelic Hymns – Sonata for Two Pianos0:33
17Angelic Hymns – Skaters’ Waltz0:33
18Angelic Hymns – The Ride of the Valkyries0:33
19Angelic Hymns – Hallelujah0:33
20Angelic Hymns – Jupiter0:33
21Angelic Hymns – Mars0:33
222008 Tokyo Game Show Trailer1:17
23Bayonetta Image Song – Prototype A1:10
24Mysterious Destiny – Prototype2:47
25Bayonetta Image Song – Prototype B5:00
26Bayonetta Image Song – Prototype C3:28
27Pinch! – Prototype4:39
28Mysterious Destiny – Retro Version2:39
29One Of A Kind – Retro Version5:19

Disc length 67:50

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