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Okami Original Soundtrack

Release DateMay 31, 2006
ComposersMasami Ueda, Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Rei Kondoh, Akari Groves, JUN
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Prototype/Unused
Published bySuleputer
PlatformsPlayStation 2Nintendo WiiPlayStation 3PCPlayStation 4Xbox OneNintendo Switch


01Title Screen1:17
02Title Call0:10
03The Beginning0:10
05Evil Brewing1:11
06Orochi Returns1:58
07Amaterasu Returns0:28
08Issun’s Theme1:09
09The Curse0:48
10Cave Of Nagi3:32
11Gaze Up At The Sky0:54
12Constellation (Rejuvenation)0:52
13Constellation Complete0:06
14Emergence Of A God0:13
15Conversing With A God0:47
16Celestial Brush0:39
17Successful Rejuvenation0:13
18Silence Of Stones1:50
19Kamiki Village Reborn0:27
20Mr. Orange Appears1:07
21Ominous Feelings1:01
22Exorcizing Evil5:59
23Battle Evaluation (Five Stars)0:08
24Kamiki Village I1:42
25Kamiki Village II2:29
27Oddly Shaped Turnip0:08
28Susano Skips Training1:40
29Susano Goes For A Ride1:40
30Eat This1:26
31Susano’s Training2:39
32Susano Is Ready1:13
33Boulder, Shmoulder0:10
34Cursed Shinshu Field I3:03
35Cursed Shinshu Field II3:43
36Cursed Hana Valley3:38
37Drunken Imps0:49
38Sleepy’s Theme0:44
39Susano The Mighty Pt. 10:29
40Susano The Mighty Pt. 20:39
41Susano’s Battle1:23
42Guardian Sapling Restoration0:18
43Hana Valley Restored0:20
44Hana Valley2:05
45Cursed Zone2:16
46Great Divine Intervention0:42
47Shinshu Field I3:05
48Shinshu Field II3:25
49Dojo Entrance0:54
50Dojo Sensei1:29
51Tama’s Theme1:22
52Tama’s Dance0:17
53Theme Of Mika1:29
54Appearance Of Evildoer0:06
55Defeat Of Evildoer0:48
56Ida Race Start0:05
57Ida Race1:12
58Ida Race Finish0:08
59Lake Harami3:30

Disc length 77:52

01Cherry Blossom Shower2:24
02Mr. Orange’s Flower Dance0:23
03The Time Has Finally Come1:57
04The Orange Has Grown0:06
05Mr. Orange In Danger0:24
06Mr. Orange Ready To Dance0:07
07The Konohana Shuffle1:15
08A Failed Dance0:06
09Theme Of Sakuya2:58
10The Real Sakuya Pt. 10:55
11The Real Sakuya Pt. 20:14
12Agata Forest3:34
13Sound Of A Flute0:10
14Theme Of Waka0:16
15Enter Waka1:56
16Fighting Waka1:20
17Waka’s Promenade ~ Playing With Waka5:47
18Theme Of Madame Fawn1:29
19Tsuta Ruins3:12
21Rejuvenated Spring0:26
22Save I0:31
23Save II1:16
24Great Monster In Wait2:30
26Amaterasu In Great Danger0:08
27Spider Queen Appears2:04
28Wrath Of The Spider Queen0:44
29Battle Of The Spider Queen3:17
30An Opening!0:07
31Victorious Roar0:12
32Boss Battle Clear0:08
33River Rafting0:50
34Good News For Kokari2:15
35Kusa Village I2:43
36Kusa Village II3:45
37The Canine Warriors Theme2:22
38Cutter House1:56
39Eek! Mr. & Mrs. Cutter!0:47
40Chun’s Theme0:44
41Leader Of The Sparrow Clan1:26
42Sparrow Inn1:08
43Mysterious Power1:35
44Kokari’s Dilemma2:19
45Fight With Whopper2:14
46Yumigami’s Mochi0:22
47Crimson Helm, Begone!5:37
48Rage Of A God1:45

Disc length 73:01

01The Hundredth Year2:33
02Sacrificial Arrow2:06
04Kushi’s Choice1:08
05Kushi’s Ride2:19
06Waka’s Boogie0:09
07Moon Cave2:15
08Enter Orochi0:25
09Battle Of Orochi 13:31
10Kushi In Danger!0:39
11Enter Susano0:27
12Blood Pact1:22
13Susano’s Real Power1:29
14Battle Of Orochi 23:32
15The Time Has Come0:58
16Blade of Truth1:15
17Celestial Cleaver0:23
18Susano And Kushi’s Love Theme1:38
19Kamiki Festival1:28
20Ryoshima Coast I2:48
21Ryoshima Coast II3:10
22Cursed Sei-an City2:22
23Digging Deeper1:40
24Theme Of Rao2:00
25Water Dragon’s Rampage1:14
26Sei-an City (Aristocratic Quarter) I2:05
27Sei-an City (Aristocratic Quarter) II2:53
28Sei-an City (Commoners’ Quarter) I2:06
29Sei-an City (Commoners’ Quarter) II2:58
30Merchandise For Sale0:49
31Drawing Fun0:32
32The Gura Shuffle0:12
33Cherry Blossoms In Full Bloom0:10
34Theme Of Kaguya I1:08
35Theme Of Kaguya II1:48
36Steel Bamboo Shoot0:09
37Kaguya’s Departure2:20
38Himiko’s Palace1:33
39Behind The Veil1:21
40Himiko’s Sorrow2:03
41Orca’s Theme2:44
43Grand Reunion0:59
44Mysterious Spring2:13
45Fishing Assistance1:47
46Playing With Issun0:29
47Dragon Palace2:28
48Inside The Water Dragon2:32
49Escaping The Water Dragon0:45

Disc length 78:55

01Oni Island3:14
02Battle Of Ninetails3:25
03Oki’s Theme2:02
04Kamui Of The Northern Lands I2:03
05Kamui Of The Northern Lands II2:39
06Wep’keer I2:08
07Wep’keer II2:42
08Oki’s Destiny1:35
09Shakuya’s Theme1:11
10Kamiki’s Sorrowful Tradition2:25
11Ezofuji, Wawku Shrine4:04
12True Strength1:16
13Brave Warrior Oki1:43
14Battle Of The Twin Demons4:41
15Twin Demon Magic0:32
16Promises Kept2:25
17Sorrowful Goodbye1:22
19Waka’s Last Tango0:17
20Theme Of The Celestials2:47
21Day of Darkness1:09
22Setting Sun1:10
23Waka’s Fate0:58
24Theme Of The Moon Tribe1:09
26Reset ~ (“Thank You” Version)5:22
27Okami Shiranui2:26
28Rising Sun5:42
29The Continuing Journey1:37
30To The Celestial Plain0:36
31Reset (by Ayaka Hirahara)4:12
32The End0:14

Disc length 76:16

01Discovery Of A Clover0:07
02Item Obtained0:09
03Item Offered0:09
04Treasure Chest0:09
05Key Item Obtained0:10
06Level Up!0:07
07Divine Intervention 10:11
08Divine Intervention 20:11
09Divine Intervention 30:12
16Nursery Rhyme I0:17
17Nursery Rhyme II0:17
18Nursery Rhyme III0:18
19Internal Company Presentation A0:42
20Internal Company Presentation B0:49
21Founding Presentation2:34
222004 Tokyo Game Show Promo2:52
232005 E3 Promo3:06
242005 Tokyo Game Show Promo3:18
25Okami Image Song Prototype I2:32
26Okami Image Song Prototype II3:16
27Okami Image Song Prototype III3:52
28Wep’keer Prototype Version I2:16
29Wep’keer Prototype Version II2:39
30To Be Continued…2:59

Disc length 34:14

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