Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

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Cuphead Original Soundtrack

Release DateSep 29, 2017
ComposersKristofer Maddigan
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byStudioMDHR (distributed by Bandcamp)
PlatformsPC, Xbox One


01Don’t Deal With The Devil0:42
02Don’t Deal With The Devil (Instrumental)1:04
05Elder Kettle5:14
06Inkwell Isle One3:15
07Botanic Panic4:01
08Die House1:36
09Elder Kettle (Piano)5:11
10Threatenin’ Zeppelin3:28
11Treetop Trouble2:54
12Ruse Of An Ooze4:25
13Floral Fury3:45
14Inkwell Isle One (Piano)3:07
15Clip Joint Calamity3:54
16Forest Follies2:47
17Inkwell Isle Two2:49
18Sugarland Shimmy3:41
19Aviary Action4:03
20Inkwell Isle Two (Piano)2:49
21Carnival Kerfuffle4:01
22Fiery Frolic3:37
23Funfair Fever2:19
24The Mausoleum1:24
25Legendary Ghost1:45
26Pyramid Peril5:40
27Victory Tune1:40
28Hurry Up0:35
29A Quick Break1:11
30Coin-Op Bop4:55
31High Score1:05
32Funhouse Frazzle3:09
33Inkwell Isle Three2:54
34Honeycomb Herald4:38
35Porkrind’s Shop2:15
36Shootin n’ Lootin3:47
37Dramatic Fanatic4:57
38Perilous Piers2:09
39Murine Corps4:09
40Junkyard Jive4:24
41Rugged Ridge3:20
42High Seas Hi-Jinx3:22
43Railroad Wrath4:15
44Inkwell Isle Three (Piano)3:22
45The Airship5:07
46All Bets Are Off1:36
47Inkwell Hell2:46
48The King’s Court3:51
49Inkwell Hell (Piano)2:43
50Chief Evil Officer0:41
51Admission To Perdition3:47
52Ominous Interlude0:10
53One Hell Of A Time3:02
54The End1:21
55Winner Takes All2:14
56Closing Credits7:10

Disc length 173:17

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