Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

Crypt of the Necrodancer Soundtrack

Release DateApr 21, 2015
ComposerDanny Baranowsky
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byDanny Baranowsky (distributed by Bandcamp)
PlatformsPC, Mobile Phone, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
ProductsCrypt of the Necrodancer


01Tombtorial (Tutorial)3:18
02Rhythmortis (Lobby)2:29
03Watch Your Step (Training)3:57
04Disco Descent (1-1)3:00
05Crypteque (1-2)2:45
06Mausoleum Mash (1-3)2:55
07Konga Conga Kappa (King Conga)1:53
08Fungal Funk (2-1)2:40
09Grave Throbbing (2-2)2:50
10Portabellohead (2-3)2:50
11Metalmancy (Death Metal)2:35
12Stone Cold (3-1 Cold)2:44
13Igneous Rock (3-1 Hot)2:44
14Dance of the Decorous (3-2 Cold)2:47
15March of the Profane (3-2 Hot)2:47
16A Cold Sweat (3-3 Cold)2:59
17A Hot Mess (3-3 Hot)2:59
18Knight to C-Sharp (Deep Blues)1:38
19Styx and Stones (4-1)3:02
20Heart of the Crypt (4-2)2:41
21The Wight to Remain (4-3)2:43
22Deep Sea Bass (Coral Riff)2:10
23For Whom the Knell Tolls (Dead Ringer)3:15
24Momentum Mori (Necrodancer Fight 1st Phase)2:49
25Last Dance (Necrodancer Fight 2nd Phase)2:22
26Absolutetion (Golden Lute Fight)2:34
27Rhythmortis (Lobby Filtered)2:29
28Disco Descent (1-1 with Shopkeeper)3:00
29Crypteque (1-2 with Shopkeeper)2:45
30Mausoleum Mash (1-3 with Shopkeeper)2:55
31Fungal Funk (2-1 with Shopkeeper)2:40
32Grave Throbbing (2-2 with Shopkeeper)2:50
33Portabellohead (2-3 with Shopkeeper)2:50
34Stone Cold (3-1 Cold with Shopkeeper)2:44
35Igneous Rock (3-1 Hot with Shopkeeper)2:44
36Dance of the Decorous (3-2 Cold with Shopkeeper)2:47
37March of the Profane (3-2 Hot with Shopkeeper)2:47
38A Cold Sweat (3-3 Cold with Shopkeeper)2:59
39A Hot Mess (3-3 Hot with Shopkeeper)2:59
40Styx and Stones (4-1 with Shopkeeper)3:02
41Heart of the Crypt (4-2 with Shopkeeper)2:41
42The Wight to Remain (4-3 with Shopkeeper)2:43

Disc length 116:21

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