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Company of Heroes 2 Original Soundtrack

Release DateJun 25, 2013
ComposerCris Velasco
ClassificationGame Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bySumthing Else Music Works
ProductsCompany of Heroes 2


01Main Theme3:46
03Footsteps in the Snow3:04
04Tread Softly2:55
05March Into Hell3:05
06O My Brother, Be Strong3:11
07We Toil With No Respite3:15
08Stand, Rise Up!2:53
09The Advancing Hordes3:01
10Ghosts of the Fallen2:57
11Soldiers, Be Wary3:05
12Don’t Weep, That Time Has Passed2:54
14Sneak Attack1:31
15Gather Your Forces3:07
16Shadows in the Mist3:10
17Onward to Victory3:18
18Not One Step Back2:56
19The Fog of War3:16
20In Russia, Rubik’s Solves You3:01
21The Struggle Remains3:03
22Za Rodinu!2:54
24A Red Army Rising2:57
25The Long Winter3:08
26A Prayer For My Company1:24

Disc length 75:55

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