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YU-GI-OH! Duel Monsters Sound Duel

Release DateMay 22, 2002
ComposersShinkichi Mitsumune, Masato Nagai, SHOJI
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byMarvelous Entertainment (distributed by VAP)
PlatformsAnime, Series


01Millennium Power1:25
02WILD DRIVE (TV size)1:13
03Magician of Darkness2:09
05Mystery of the Millennium Ring2:09
06Curse of Darkness1:01
07Mystery of the Millennium Kingdom1:13
08Duel Determination0:18
09Approaching Darkness1:26
10Marik Ishtar1:49
11Vague Apprehension1:35
12In the Hands of the Ghouls1:38
13Monster Summon0:10
15Battle City2:04
16Shizuka’s Feelings2:12
17TURN END0:17
18Katsuya Jonouchi2:01
19Burning Emotions2:44
20Seto Kaiba2:01
21Dark Power1:55
22Domino City Scenery1:30
23Comedy Touch1:13
24Daily Life1:53
25Dance Battle2:55
26Magician Girl1:10
27Duel with a Rival0:30
28Dark Solitude2:20
29Game of Darkness1:15
30Pharaoh’s Memories1:29
31Gravekeeper’s Demons0:23
32Sun God’s Slumber0:58
33Descent of God0:27
34Overwhelming Power0:19
35Pharaoh’s Maju0:21
36Tragic Memory1:35
37Gravekeepers Family1:27
39Darkness Awakens1:57
40Paradise (TV size)1:48

Disc length 58:10

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