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Violet Evergarden Original Soundtrack: Automemories

Release DateMar 28, 2018
ComposersEvan Call, Shota Horie, Daisuke Kikuta, Satomi Kawasaki
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Vocal 
Published byLantis (distributed by Bandai Visual)
PlatformsAnime, Series 
ProductsViolet Evergarden


01Theme of Violet Evergarden2:17
02A Doll’s Beginning2:43
03One Last Message3:10
04Unspoken Words2:46
05A Simple Mission2:17
06Another Sunny Day2:08
07The Voice in My Heart2:20
09In Remembrance2:41
10Ink to Paper2:08
11The Birth of a Legend2:13
12To The Ends of Our World2:40
13Back in Business2:02
14A Place to Call Home2:12
15An Admirable Doll2:11
16Those Words You Spoke to Me2:13
18A Bit of Sass2:10
19Each Memory a Message2:18
20The Long Night2:39
21Violet Snow for Orchestra2:53

Disc length 51:03

01Across the Violet Sky2:44
02Wherever You Are, Wherever You May Be2:25
03Never Coming Back2:24
04Adamantine Dreams3:10
05The Ultimate Price2:59
07The Love That Binds Us3:55
08Devoid of Hope2:29
10Fractured Heart2:29
12Always Watching Over You2:24
13Torn Apart at the Seams2:04
14Intertwined Fates2:03
15The Stench of Fear and Hatred1:45
16The Songstress Aria (Instrumental)1:05
17The Storm2:12
18Letters From Heaven2:23
19What It Means To Love1:54
20Violet’s Letter2:13
21Sincerely (Short Size)1:34
22Michishirube (Short Size)1:32
23Believe in… (Short Size)1:45
24Violet Snow (Short size)0:32
25The Songstress Aria1:06
26Letter (Short Size)1:38

Disc length 55:27

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"Violet Evergarden (Anime)" Original Soundtrack VIOLET EVERGARDEN : Automemories / Animation Soundtrack (Music by Evan Call)

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