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My Neighbor Totoro Soundtrack Collection

My Neighbor Totoro Original Soundtrack

Release DateMay 01, 1988
ComposersJoe Hisaishi
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack, Vocal
Published byAnimage Records / Tokuma Japan
PlatformsAnime, Movie
ProductsMy Neighbor Totoro / Tonari no Totoro


01Hey Let’s Go – Opening theme2:44
02The Village in May1:39
03A Haunted House!1:23
04Mei and the Dust Bunnies1:34
05Evening Wind1:01
06Not Afraid0:44
07Let’s Go to the Hospital1:22
09A Little Monster3:54
11A Huge Tree in the Tsukamori Forest2:15
12A Lost Child3:48
13The Path of the Wind – Instrumental3:17
14A Soaking Wet Creature2:34
15Moonlight Flight2:06
16Mei is Missing2:32
17Cat Bus2:11
18I’m So Glad1:15
19My Neighbour Totoro – Ending theme4:17
20Hey Let’s Go – With Chorus2:43

Disc length 45:15

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