Sitting on Clouds' Soundtrack

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B: The Beginning THE IMAGE ALBUM

Release DateMar 07, 2018
ComposersMarty Friedman, Takeshi Ueda, Kenta Matsukuma, Wasabi
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published bycutting edge
PlatformsAnime, OVA, Series, ONA
ProductsB: The Beginning


01The Perfect World4:56
02The Blackened Light4:41
03Giving Up The Ghost4:13
04Wasted Tears5:49
05Before The Beginning…CHAOS3:58
06Spirit Never Fading3:51
07Hero In The Night4:07
09Beautiful Freak3:15
10Catch Me In The Mayhem5:13
11The Perfect World (Guitar Version)5:00

Disc length 50:22

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B: The Beginning  The Image Album / V.A.

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