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NO GAME NO LIFE ZERO Original Soundtrack

Release DateFeb 23, 2018
ComposersYoshiaki Fujisawa
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Original Soundtrack
Published byKADOKAWA
PlatformsAnime, Movie
ProductsNo Game No Life


01Prologue -Determination-2:30
02Let’s Play A Game God1:12
03I’ll Tell You A Forgotten Myth ~The Infiltration3:41
04Here We Die ~Mercy2:15
06Wasted City Of Elves1:16
07Unwanted Encounter0:58
08Require Reproductive Behavior1:27
09If, I Win1:12
10The Two Of Us Versus God2:21
11A Cruel Question1:22
12Fallen Confession1:37
14The Touch Of Our Hearts1:49
15Aka Si · Anse2:51
16What You Want To Do2:14
17Clashing With My Heart2:08

Disc length 32:47

01A Sign Of The Great War1:06
02Now, Let The Games Begin5:21
03Please Let Me Stay With You Forever3:56
05The Cost Of Sacrifice1:28
06All As You Want1:17
07A Couple’s Time Together0:56
08The True Target2:31
10Good Evening, Scrap4:33
11Following This Feeling1:28
12Really, I Love You4:24
13Vanishing Light1:17
14A Machine’s Love2:08
15Stale Mate -Final Battle-4:05
16Let’s Play Again ~The Light Of A New World3:55
17The Oath Which Continues To The Future3:36

Disc length 47:12

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