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Steven Universe Soundtrack: Volume 1

Release DateJun 02, 2017
ComposersRebecca Sugar, aivi, surasshu, Jeff Liu, Nick DeMayo, Hellen Jo, Ben Levin
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Vocal
Published byCartoon Network Music
PlatformsCartoon, Series 
ProductsSteven Universe



01We Are the Crystal Gems (Main Title)0:26
02Let Me Drive My Van into Your Heart1:06
03Cookie Cat0:26
04Giant Woman0:56
05Strong in the Real Way1:41
06Steven and the Stevens0:42
07Big Fat Zucchini0:34
08Steven and the Crystal Gems0:47
09Dear Old Dad1:22
10Be Wherever You Are1:26
11On the Run1:19
14Lapis Lazuli0:35
15Wailing Stone0:59
16Stronger Than You2:52
17Full Disclosure1:37
18We Are the Crystal Gems (Full Theme Song)2:26
19Jam Song0:41
20Do It for Her2:18
21What Can I Do (For You)2:29
22Tower of Mistakes0:55
23Haven’t You Noticed (I’m a Star)1:05
24Something Entirely New1:47
25Peace and Love on the Planet Earth1:52
26Don’t Cost Nothing0:58
27Empire City0:46
28Mr. Greg1:13
29It’s Over Isn’t It2:18
30Both of You1:47
31Don’t Cost Nothing (Reprise)0:49
32I Think I Need a Little (Change)1:18
33Here Comes a Thought3:22
34Still Not Giving Up1:23
35I Could Never Be (Ready)1:08
36What’s the Use of Feeling (Blue)?2:26
37Love Like You (End Credits)2:23

Disc length 52:56

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