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Adventure Time Season 5 Soundtrack

Release DateMarch 17, 2014
ComposersCasey James Basichis, Tim Kiefer
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Unofficial Soundtrack, Vocal
Published by
PlatformsCartoon, Series
ProductsAdventure Time


01. Adventure Time Theme
02. Three Nice Dudes
03. Bread Song
04. Good Little Girl
05. Bad Little Boy
06. Dungeon Crawl
07. Real Power
08. Where Everybody Knows Your Name
09. Where Everybody Knows Your Name (Version 2)
10. Hair Teepees
11. BMO’s Pregnant Song
12. Braco Don’t Go
13. Gone With The Tide
14. Ice King And The Island Lady
15. Puncha Yo Buns (Jake Version)
16. Egg Song
17. Lemonhope’s Song
18. I Just Can’t Get Over You
19. Your Hand With My Hand
20. Oh, It’s Just My Luck!
21. Hanging Out Forever
22. Broke Up
23. Princess Song
24. Slow Boat To China
25. Lemonhope’s Got Feet
26. Young Lemonhope
27. Rap Bear & Finn’s Rap
28. Island Song


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