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Adventure Time Season 4 Soundtrack

Release DateOctober 22, 2012
ComposersCasey James Basichis, Tim Kiefer, Patrick McHale
ClassificationAnimation Soundtrack – Unofficial Soundtrack, Vocal
Published by
PlatformsCartoon, Series
ProductsAdventure Time


01. Adventure Time Theme
02. Candy Kingdom Song
03. Working For The Master
04. These Lumps
05. These Lumps (Candy People Version)
06. Dream Of Love
07. Not Just Your Little Girl
08. Political Rap
09. Let Me Show You Something Special
10. Three Baby Spiders
11. Ice King’s Song Of Joy
12. Shh, I’m Talking
13. Generosity
14. Bacon Pancakes
15. Fry Song (Gunter Version)
16. Oh, Bubblegum
17. Nuts
18. Remember You
19. Island Song


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